The head and neck surgery is performed by the Otolaryngologist, who achieves skill, expertise, and proficiency in treating both the simple and complicated cases of the facial, neck, oral, and head disorders after extensive advanced training and years of surgical experience. 

Surgeons at NextGenOMS have extensive advanced training in Facial, Head & Neck Surgery. They take care of patients and help them to get faster recovery. 

At NextGenOMS, a patient can get all these kinds of surgeries done:

  • Head & Neck Oncology
  • Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery including Advanced Complex Reconstructions
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Head and neck surgery 

Head and Neck surgery is done to treat the disorders related to the face, oral area, tongue, jaw, neck, thyroid, parathyroid glands, salivary glands, scalp, ENT, etc. They diagnose and manage the diseases of the sinus, voice box, upper and lower pharynx, neck and face, ENT care, for both children and adults.

The head and neck area is the center of the body where significant nerves control important senses of see, smell, and hear. The otolaryngologists can also diagnose and treat infectious diseases, which may or may not be benign and malignant. Some even specialize in facial trauma and facial deformities and successfully perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

When to see head and neck surgeon?

In case you feel the signs and symptoms such as:

  • A sudden growing mass
  • Lesions
  • Swellings and bumps
  • pain in the face, neck, throat, nose, ear, and oral cavity area

It would help if you got yourself checked by a head and neck surgeon. The patients who want to go for a routine oral, head & neck checkup, can also visit the neck and head physician or surgeon. The people who develop some infection in the head and neck region or abscesses of the face, neck, ear, throat, and oral cavity, may also refer to the head and neck specialist. 

The people who have had cancer in the past may also visit for face, neck or throat screening, and biopsy. 

How to select your head and neck surgeon?

It is essential to go for a qualified, well-educated, and experienced head and neck surgeon to treat your disorder or disease. Head and neck surgeon or physician who has completed his comprehensive and accredited study program and frequently updates his knowledge by a continual education like Advanced Fellowship training even after obtaining a medical degree will be the right choice.

Look for a surgeon who has a record of providing expert care and has done surgeries related to face, oral cavity, tongue, jaw, ENT, thyroid and parathyroid glands, salivary glands, face, neck, nose and scalp cancers, etc. 

The Facial, Head & Neck Surgeon must have expert knowledge and experience to treat patients successfully by utilizing the latest and advanced medical techniques to offer the best care to the patients. 

Different services provided by the Head and neck surgeon

Head and neck doctors can diagnose, treat, and perform surgery for a range of diseases and disorders related to the head and neck region like the neck, face, throat, nose, ear, oral cavity, tongue, etc. The surgeries due to cancer, reconstructive surgery, Non-cancerous pathologies and masses, Trauma and Infections, enlarged Thyroid gland, parotid gland surgery, thyroid gland surgery and nodules, parathyroid gland surgery, throat and tonsil surgeries, stones or masses in salivary glands, reconstruction of lesions due to advanced cancer, are to name a few. 

When surgery is not required, the head and neck surgeon performs the examination, and then appropriate treatment is provided.