Best Natural Ways To Increase Your Energy During The Day


One of the biggest problems that we all face when we try to get healthier or when we try to change our bodies is that we have so much information coming at us. We have so many different sources all over the place and it is so hard to decide what exactly is good and what we really need to do.

In this article, we are discussing five simple and easy-to-implement health acts that are going to boost your energy naturally and help you get on your way to being the best version of yourself in the gym, at home, at work, in the kitchen, whatever it may be.

So, here are five steps you can take to get more energy in your day.

#1 Add Coconut Oil to your coffee

First and foremost, add some Coconut Oil to your coffee. Coconut Oil is a different kind of fat, it is the kind of fat we always hear that is bad for you. It is what is called Medium Chain Triglycerides and this means that it convinces your body to start using its own fat storage for fuel.

That is why, by simply adding a tablespoon of Coconut Oil to your coffee, you are priming your body to run on fats in its own fat stores for the rest of the day giving you lots more energy and convincing your body to burn its own fat. In that way, you also get leaner and more toned.

#2 Drink more coffee

This second step to boost your energy is sort of precursor to the first tip. Drink more coffee, don’t be afraid of coffee. The simple fact is that coffee is the simple most powerful anti-oxidant that we can have simply because we do not get a lot of anti-oxidants from other foods. So, do not steer away from the coffee. For health tips similar to this go to

If you have two cups, you are fine and dandy. I would not go more than 400 milligrams of caffeine which is about 2 cups. Coffee mobilizes the fat stores. So, just as we added Coconut Oil to the Coffee, by drinking Coffee in the first place and maybe having a little bit more, you can convince your body and stimulate your body to run on no more fats for fuel.

#3 Every hour do some pushups

This third way to increase your energy in the day may look annoying to some people but it works. Every hour drop down and count up to 10 pushups. Simply by getting the blood moving and getting that quick aerobic activity where your body has to fire and function the muscles, is going to dramatically increase your metabolism.

When we are sitting down especially at our desks and we are not getting up and we are not moving for multiple hours at a time, our body goes into that dormant hibernation state. If we can shock it quickly by doing a few pushups here and there, it really makes a tremendous difference on how our body metabolizes fat and how our body processes energy in the first place.

#4 Using a stand-up desk

When you are working on your computer and you may be working many hours there, you could seriously consider using a stand-up desk. When you are sitting down all the time, you are tightening your backup which causes you to have pain and makes you grouchy. When you stand up and start working from a stand-up position, you will be much more productive, have much more energy and feel much better at the end of the day.

So, I strongly recommend that you get a stand-up desk. In case that you cannot find a stand-up desk, just make one. You can make a stand-up desk from a box, stand up and work on your laptop.

#5 Get more Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

The last step to increase you energy in the day is to try to consume more Omega-3 fatty acids in the day. If you cannot get more Salmon or eat more healthy Fish, then you can get Omega-3 from Fish Oil supplements. By just increasing your amount of Omega-3 that you get in your diet, you will notice that your brain functions a lot clearer and you will have a lot more energy as well.

Omega 3s are critical to circulatory health. When you have Omega 3s and those healthy Fats in your system, it actually quite literally lubricates the blood to move in the body more efficiently, more effectively to deliver the nutrients that the Live uses and to get the blood flow and Oxygen to the right areas of the body.

With Omega 3 fatty acids, you will notice that you work out better, you will notice that you feel better, your joints feel better. But, more than that, you will notice that your mental stamina improves dramatically.

So, implement these five steps today and you will feel better and have more energy tomorrow. It is that simple and it is that quick. These are simple, easy and effective steps that will take effect immediately.

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