Brand New Smiles: 4 Reasons to Get Invisalign


If you have misaligned teeth, then there are new options for treatment that don’t include traditional metal or color-matching ceramic braces. Fortunately, if you are a teenager or an adult, then you can wear removable clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. Here are four reasons to choose aligners for your dental malocclusions.

You Have Mild to Moderate Dental Malocclusions

Aligners are recommended for adults and teenagers who have mild to moderate dental malocclusions. Your dentist will examine your teeth and collect medical images to determine if you need braces or aligners. If aligners are appropriate for your teeth, then a dentist will make molds of the top and bottom of your mouth. A computer software program will measure the molds to create 20 to 30 sets of customized aligners.

You Will Follow Your Dentist’s Guidelines

When you wear aligners, you must follow your dentist’s guidelines such as removing the devices only when you need to eat or perform oral hygiene. Experts recommend wearing aligners for 23 hours a day for the best results, so this means that you must wear the devices at night. If you can’t follow your dentist’s recommendations, then you will disrupt your treatment, making it difficult to repair your dental malocclusions.

You Will Consume the Suggested Daily Diet

If you are wearing aligners, then a dentist will provide a daily diet plan that will improve the condition of your teeth along with protecting your plastic aligners. Some of the rules concerning wearing aligners include avoiding any beverages or foods that will stain the plastic of the devices. When you do eat or drink brightly colored foods or beverages, you should brush your teeth thoroughly to keep your aligners in perfect condition.

Your Dentist Offers the Best Brand of Aligners

When you want to have the best results from aligners, you will want to wear a well-known brand. Invisalign is one of the most popular types of aligners, and your dentist can order these devices by using your medical images and molds. By following the guidelines for wearing your aligners, you will have a gorgeous smile and strong bite in six months to two years. Aligners are an affordable option for fixing your dental misalignments.

How Fast Can You Have Aligners for Your Teeth?

You don’t need to wait for several weeks to have aligners for your teeth because a dentist can order the items with the internet, and within a few days, you will have your first sets of aligners. It is vital to wear each set of aligners for two weeks before switching to the next set. If you experience any problems with your aligners, then call your dentist to schedule a new appointment.

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