Common Workout Apparel Mistakes to Avoid


Working out for fitness and to achieve your goals is a very good approach towards a healthy life. Everywhere on the internet, you would see fitness articles and people urging telling you the benefits of working out daily. But very few tell you how to do it properly, what to wear and whatnot. So, here we are with common workout apparel mistakes you should avoid because they really matter.


Unsuitable clothing

Clothing is the main part of your workout so it should be perfect before everything else. Tight, restraining, or baggy clothes are not the right choice. Your workout clothes should be exactly your size, breathable, comfortable, and sweat-wicking. Plus, it should change according to the weather. Wear a T-shirt or tanks in summer and put a hoodie or sweatshirt on it during winter and for bottoms, shorts and joggers are suitable for winter and summer.


Fabric and Fitting

Little more light on this topic! Clothes fitting is the most important factor when it comes to workout. Most of the times people are making poor-fitting choices like going for one size plus or smaller for whatever reason. Do know that baggy clothes make you look shorter and unfit whereas small size restricts the movements causing pain and sprains here and there.

Coming down to fabric sweat-wicking and breathability are two important features that your workout clothes should have no matter the season. Cotton is preferable when the workout is not going to be intense.



Flipflops and formals are not what you would like to wear to the gym. Just like inappropriate clothes shoes that not made for the workout will ruin it. Fellas at the gym don’t want to smell your feet so keep them shoes on. Plus wearing shoes will protect your feet from injuries that might be caused by hitting the foot in some machine or dropping some weight on it. Wear sweat-wicking socks with it and rock your workouts without worrying about sweat.


Wearing cologne

This is another mistake that many people make but it hurts others. Firstly, it is the gym, not a part second, wearing perfume does not a thing but waste it and third, it causes headaches. When the perfume you like so much mixed with the sweat and enters the humid room it causes headaches. It might be the cause of your headache too. Most importantly you are wasting it. If you really want to look good then wear proper workout clothes that look good. This is the right way to look good, plus these workout clothes are made for a workout so you won’t be uncomfortable at all.


Wearing jewelry at the gym

For some people, there is a piece of jewelry that they don’t take off. For some, it is the wedding ring, etc. But we would suggest otherwise. Take that precious piece of jewelry off if that is precious to you at all. No matter what it is when it hits the metal at the gym most probably it will lose its shape and beauty. This might not happen in an instant but for sure will happen with time. The discomfort it causes is much greater than the show off you are doing. If leaving it off at the gym is not an option just leave it at home and let your body rest for a while. Again, it is the gym not some party.

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