Cosmetic Dentistry How to Bring Back That Beautiful Confident Smile

Advanced options in cosmetic dentistry are now more accessible than they’ve ever been before. Patients currently have a vast range of payment options for elective dental care at their disposal. They can also find a number of highly qualified providers who are capable of performing treatments for resolving gum disease, replacing missing tooth structures, and restoring chipped, cracked or broken teeth. If you’re unhappy with the color, alignment, or overall look of your smile, consulting with a cosmetic dentist is the first and most important step to regaining your confidence and restoring your overall appearance.


Create Even and Beautifully Shaped Teeth with Veneers

Veneers are a standout treatment in cosmetic dentistry given that they can correct a vast range of common, aesthetic issues. If you have teeth that are chipped, discolored or weak, these overlays will create a balanced and beautiful smile instantly. Best of all, veneers can also be used to close gaps and balance the appearance of excessively long, wide, narrow, or short teeth.


Fill in Gaps from Missing Teeth

Dental bridges and dental implants are among some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available. These structures are used to replace missing and severely damaged teeth. Dental bridges are appliances that are permanently fixed in the mouth via abutments on the remaining, healthy teeth. Dental implants are installed via the insertion of titanium posts into the natural jawbone. Both of these procedures create complete and natural-looking smiles, while protecting the remaining, natural teeth from undue wear and tear.


Restore the Health of Your Gums

Dentists like Jay A Hollander DDS understand that cosmetic restorations have to have a good foundation. That’s why they always start their work by taking action to promote the long-term health of both the natural teeth and the soft tissues that support them. Red, irritated, and inflamed gums can set the stage for additional tooth loss. Advanced gum disease can additionally open the door to deterioration of the underlying bone and systemic infections. From an aesthetic standpoint, unhealthy gums also draw back from the teeth to expose the darker and far more vulnerable, tooth dentin. With root scaling and planing procedures and treatments like the pinhole surgical technique, however, your provider can both eliminate gum infection and improve the look of your smile.


Establish an Individualized and Multi-Pronged Plan

For many patients, the absolute best cosmetic treatments are those that are both individualized and integrated. When you receive treatment from a reputable dentist, your provider will devise a plan for seamlessly addressing all of the cosmetic and functional problems that you’re dealing with. This might include root scaling for clearing up gum infections, dental bridges or implants for replacing lost teeth, and advanced whitening treatments for brightening your entire smile.


With comprehensive care and manageable strategies for implementing your smile restoration plan, you can renew your confidence and your good looks. Having a complete and attractive smile will make you more marketable in both your professional life and in the social arena. It can also set the stage for a more positive and proactive lifestyle overall by giving you the courage to engage with others, without feeling self-conscious.