Custom Orthotics- Comfort, Performance and Relief

Custom Orthotics


Feet serve as the foundation of the entire body. If you have low arches, high arches or other types of foot problems, your whole body may be adversely affected. It is common for lower back pain, hip pain, as well as knee and leg pain to originate from the feet.

Orthotics is among the options that are available for providing relief. While considering whether to choose insoles from over the counter or custom made orthotics, there are a number of reasons that showcase why custom orthotics is the ideal option.

Foot Support

With each foot containing numerous muscles and bones, the feet are complex components of the body and they should be properly taken care of. They are responsible for bearing the weigh of your body and deserve attention. This is why it is important to get custom orthotics for superior support. Carefully crafted orthotics offer full contact to support the feet’s anatomical arches and create a solid stable foundation.


Along with being supportive, the customized option of orthotics provides much more comfort than the off-the-shelf alternatives. This is primarily due to custom orthotics being designed to accommodate the unique structure of your foot. You look forward to wearing them often because they enable you to walk and stand comfortably to ensure that you accomplish more tasks everyday.

Pain Relief

Off-the-shelf shoe inserts add additional support and cushioning to shoes but they have not been crafted to deal with your specific foot problems. Prescription orthotics has proven to be effective for decreasing foot pain and improving functionality. With custom orthotic insoles, you get the chance to access a conservative and effective treatment solution that negates the need for knee surgery.

Correcting Pronation

Pronation refers to a situation where arches that have collapse cause the ankle to fall towards the body’s midline. This increases stress on the hips, lower back, knees and feet. Pronation makes you more vulnerable to knee injuries during sports. When you wear custom orthotics, you get the arch support you require to facilitate relief on other joints in the body.

Correcting Supination

High arches can lead to supination, a situation that is characterized by the ankles leaning away from the body’s midline. This places additional strain on hips, lower back and knees. When one foot has a higher arch, the body is thrown off balance and worsens the problem.

Custom orthotics supports the feet and help to maintain a position that is anatomically correct. Retail insoles may not be able to provide this benefit because the do not address the specific problems that affect each foot.

Enhancing Performance

A body that is properly aligned is more likely to perform better during sporting activities. Custom orthotics reduces the risk of injury, increases efficiency, helps you move better and improves your body position and sense of balance.

Whether you have a particular foot problem or your feet may be the cause of discomfort in different parts of your body, a customized solution can help you deal with pains and aches effectively. Custom orthotics accommodates unique foot sizes, shapes and degrees of fallen arches.

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