Dental Problems: 5 Reasons You May Need Gum Surgery


In addition to having problems with your teeth, you can have gum problems that may require gum surgery to correct. By looking at the gums inside your mouth, you can see dangerous problems in the earliest stages so that you can seek a dentist’s care. To avoid losing any teeth, here are five reasons that you might need gum surgery.


Accident Repair

It is rare to have a gum injury, but if you dislocate a tooth while playing sports, then it can damage the surrounding delicate gum tissue. An experienced dentist can repair the gum tissue around a dislocated tooth. This type of repair will often require cleaning the area with antiseptic along with suturing the damaged gum tissue.


Gum Pockets

You may develop pockets around your teeth where food particles can collect, leading to plaque. If you have gum pockets, then you can develop dental root infections or horrible halitosis. A dentist can repair gum pockets with a specialized surgical technique, helping to protect the roots of your teeth.


Gum Recession

Gum recession is one of the major reasons why you might need professional gum surgery treatment services from a dental specialist. When you have receding gums, you will notice that the roots of your teeth are exposed to the air, leading to discomfort. This condition also causes dental root infections because the sensitive roots are exposed to more bacteria. Fortunately, you can have this problem fixed without incisions or sutures.


Tooth Extraction

When you have wisdom teeth, these teeth are often removed to prevent pain. This type of gum surgery can involve making a tiny incision in the gums to remove the third molars. Your dentist may stitch the incision with an absorbable material to help it heal properly.


Periodontal Disease

If you develop an infection in your gums, then it can spread to the alveolar bones and jawbone. The early symptoms of periodontal disease include red gum tissue that is swollen and that bleeds easily. A dentist can remove the diseased tissue from the gums to prevent additional problems such as loss of teeth.


How Can You Prevent Gum Problems that Require Surgery?

With proper daily dental hygiene, you can avoid most gum problems that will require surgery. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth correctly after eating meals or snacks. In addition, wear a customized mouth guard while playing certain type of sports.

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