Ditching Domino’s: the difficult road to global health


Devouring a Domino’s pizzas is surely what everyone wants to do with their day, followed by a few pints of Coca-Cola and a handful of warm cookies, all of it snaking down your throat in a wonderful, wonderful mass of sugar and carbs and full-fat cheese and isn’t your mouth watering just now, like a Labrador eyeing up a steak?

Excuse this writer for a moment while he raids his own fridge. Right, anyway, the real problem with the diet detailed above is that it’ll clog your arteries like a mound of hair stuck in a drain, and it’ll most likely shorten your lifespan by a sizeable amount.

But it’s so convenient, you shout, and so goddamned tasty! This is true, and a large part of our addiction to junk foods lies with the fact that it’s only a phone call away. Why bother cooking a superfood-filled meal when you can simply dial your nearest takeaway and wait for 20 minutes on a delivery driver?

The impact of junk food

More and more people in the western world are suffering from the negative effects of obesity and a failure in nutritional education in schools. And as their waistlines bulge to bursting point, the resources of hospitals are being stretched (and, arguably, wasted) to take care of their ailing health.

It’s not all the fault of takeaway chains, but they don’t help matters. Despite increased public awareness of good health, the notion of eating well has, in part, been tempered by an addiction to the sugar rush presented by easily obtainable fast food.

Educational standards have to be improved from a young age, especially when it comes to something as important as nutrition, but adults have to be persuaded to make profound changes in their lifestyle if they want to improve their quality of life.

The right education

This is a mountainous task, one that should be helped via government policy and public campaigning, but a number of private companies have been chipping in to lighten the load.

Various nutrition courses are now available online, and thousands of people sign up for them every year to learn the healthiest tricks of the culinary trade. These courses cover everything from the right kind of food to eat when you’re exercising to the perfect meals to maintain a balanced diet.

With more people in the know when it comes to nutrition, the quality of diets will inevitably increase and, in turn, positively impact the populace on a grand scale.

If we can stamp out regular junk food diets and relegate the Domino’s pizza to the outer fringes of the nutritional spectrum, our nation will be healthier and happier. And we can only do this together.

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