Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Car Accident Case?


Injured Old Man On Crutches

When the unthinkable happens, many people remain in dilemma as to whether to call a lawyer or not. The question of whether you need a car accident lawyer to handle your case has no definite answer. The answer depends on the circumstances surrounding the case. Some people will rush into calling a lawyer when they get involved in a minor accident that probably doesn’t need any representation. It is therefore important that anyone involved in a car accident should be able to make a sound judgment of the situation and decide whether to get a lawyer or not.

Here are the most important questions to ask yourself when making such a decision:

  1. Is the fault contested or do the other driver and the insurance company admit to the fault?

If the other driver and insurance company decide to contest the fault, then there is much at stake for you. If there will be a court fight over who caused the fault, then it is paramount for you to get a lawyer. However, if the insurance company and the driver have come to an agreement and are ready to pay compensation for the accident then it might not be necessary for you to get a lawyer unless there are other complications involved.

  1. How much are your out-of-pocket expenses for such things as medical bills and lost income?

You need to have a clear judgment and decide whether the case is too big for you or you could handle it personally. The question you need to ask is whether you can handle your out of pocket expenses for the case. For instance, if the out of pocket expenses are around $2,000 or $3,000, you might consider dealing with the case on your own. However, if the expenses are as high as $20,000 or $30,000 then you will definitely want to have a lawyer around. The decision here primarily remains with you since you are the one who knows your financial power and your personal chocking point. Some law firms like Harville Law Offices offer free no obligation consultations, so if you’re not sure which way to go, get a free consultation before making a final decision.

  1. How seriously were you injured and how long did it take you to recover?

If you were seriously injured, for instance, you had a broken bone and the results of the accident are going to haunt you for the rest of our life, it is important to get a lawyer to represent you.

Car Accident Woman

On the other hand, if you had a minor injury that can be treated with an out of pocket amount, you may reconsider before calling a lawyer.

In a nut shell, the larger your claim, the more is at stake and the better it is to have a lawyer. You should be able to estimate what is at stake for you before you call a lawyer. If you rush into calling a lawyer you may end up spending more than you gain if the case does not have a large stake.

  1. Are you going to court?

If you are going to court and cannot use any other alternative means, then you will be forced to call a lawyer. At this stage lawyers come in handy because they know how to deal with court files and follow the rules.

  1. Are you willing to learn how to settle car accident claims then present your claim?

There is an alternative for those who think getting a layer is expensive. You might take your time and try to learn all there is to know about accident claims and represent yourself. The time spent on learning varies depending on the case involved. If you don’t have such time, then it is better to get a lawyer represent you.

The hardest part is deciding whether your case is worth having a lawyer. If you find yourself in such dilemma you might refer to for some free advice depending on your case. If you suffered more than minor injuries, you will likely need a lawyer to represent your case at some point. The question should be; which kind of lawyer should you choose to represent you? When it comes to accident claims you should choose a law firm who has experience dealing with car accident cases. Using a lawyer that has been handling such cases for some time will make the case easier for you. If you get a good lawyer, they will give you all the details including the possibilities of you winning or not so that you can make the decision on your own.

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