Electronic cigarettes or e-liquids – How are they better than smoking tobacco cigarettes?


Marijuana and cigarettes have been used for a long time now but it is of late that the process of vaporising such substances has gained popularity. If you’ve heard of vaping e-liquids, you’ll know that the researchers and scientists are of the opinion that vaping is much safer than smoking as the smoke and tar is extremely harmful for human body. When someone smokes, the heat that is caused by the fire changes the substances inside the cigarette to change into smoke and this smoke enters the blood through lungs and can lead to several kinds of diseases including cancer. You’ll be rather alarmed to know that smoking takes only 6 seconds for the active compounds to reach the nervous system.

Then comes in the process of vaping where the active components of the e-liquid is heated and turned into vapour which is released by the vaper. There is no combustion in the whole process and you can use any of these e liquids to try out the process of vaping.

Vaping e-liquids is safer than conventional smoking – Know how

The main difference between conventional tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that the latter doesn’t include tobacco. But does that mean that it is only the tobacco which causes cancer? No, actually there is a long list of harmful chemicals present in cigarettes which when burnt are directly linked with cancer. Since 2009, FDA has claimed that e-cigs or e-liquids also contain some level of toxic chemicals to which the vapers are also exposed but the level of harm is much lesser.

The reaction of the body to most of the chemicals that are found in tobacco cigarettes can cause long-term inflammation which leads to few of the chronic diseases like emphysema, bronchitis and other heart issues. However, e-cigarettes can even contain few of the toxic chemicals and hence the harm that is caused is way lesser than that which is caused by tobacco cigarettes.

Can vaping e-liquids cut down smoking cigarettes?

The e-cigarette companies usually make a claim that they can make smokers quit cigarettes. The addiction towards tobacco cigarettes is actually caused by nicotine which is the main addictive substance. When you switch to vaping, you first include the strongest strength of nicotine in the e-liquid and then gradually decrease the level of nicotine strength. This way you can gradually give away the addiction towards nicotine.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about the different ways in which vaping e-liquids is a safer method for the tobacco smokers to quit smoking, you should certainly try this method.


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