Often overlooked, Benefits of Vitamin K2 is, in reality, a series of fat-soluble components that are playing a significant role on the management of clotted veins, of heart and brain diseases, the building of strong bone structures and teeth. Also, some studies have revealed its relation to the prevention of certain types of cancer.

For this article, we have studied some of the beneficial properties of Vitamin K2 for you and how to maximize the way you obtain this Vitamin. Let’s find out!

Trivia: Did you know that the “K” of Vitamin K is taken after a term the Danish scientist Henrik Dam coined on a German publication, where he used the name “Koagulationsvitamin” to refer this component?

So, what is it? As stated before, Vitamin K includes two different vitamins: Vitamin K1 is present on

Leafy greens and helps to maintain healthy blood coagulation, acting from the liver.

That is its one and only function. On the other hand, Vitamin K2 is produced by bacteria present on your digestive tract, and have the purpose of working on blood vessels, bones, and tissue. It is vital to note that Vitamin K2 needs to work for the hand by hand with Vitamin

D to function correctly. Benefits of Vitamin K2 amongst its many properties, we could remark:

  • Vitamin K2 is responsible for ensuring proper health of bones, blood vessels, and your heart.
  • Studies from the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam concluded on a direct relation in between the increase of the intake of Vitamin K2 and the reduction of risk of heart attacks on a 50%.
  • Vitamin K2 is vital for the fixation of calcium in your bones and arteries. This way, Vitamin K2 prevents diseases like osteoporosis, arthrosis, and atherosclerosis effectively. These are some severe conditions affecting people, regarding their age.
  • Vitamin K2 activates the production of Osteocalcin. This protein is responsible for the accumulation of calcium amongst bone structures and teeth.
  • Studies have suggested the right inflection of Vitamin K2 in the prevention of prostate cancer, liver Cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases.
  • Deficient levels of Vitamin K2 are quickly revealed by the presence of bruises or wounds taking a lot to heal. Early signs of face wrinkles might represent an indication of lack of Vitamin K2.

The most common reason could be not eating a lot of leafy greens; however, a more profound cause resides in some alteration on your intestinal microbiota, affecting the production of this Vitamin.

Where can I get it? The synthesis of Vitamin K2 is possible when you have good food costumes like:

Eating a lot of fresh vegetables daily. This will certainly stimulate your internal production of Vitamin K2 by your intestinal flora. Try having some more Spinach, Kale, and cabbage. Eggs, butter, and Milk are also great ways to increase your Vitamin K2 levels.

Some fermented vegetables like soja natto and chucrut. It is fair to say that people practicing a strict vegan diet don’t tend to have Vitamin K2 deficiencies at all!

Bottom line:

We know now we have a lot of reasons to worry about our levels of Vitamin K2. If you currently have some problems regarding healing, calcium deficiencies or you just want to pay attention to potential heart issues, then you really should start a diet heavily based on vegetables, eggs, and milk. However, if you still have some questions about how to increase your production of Vitamin K2, you can always consult a nutritionist, so he/she can provide the best advice and even give you some tasty recipes you can try at home.