Exercises for men to Improve Sex Life


It is a desire for every man to be a better lover, especially in bed. The inability of a man to provide a deeply fulfilling and lasting sexual experience for his partner can be depressing. Most men want to have a sexual performance that their partner will brag about and not complain. Moreover, great sex is vital in any thriving relationship. it doesn’t only bond a couple, but also keeps them connected. Let us look at exercises men can do to improve their sex life.


Yoga increases the body’s sexual flexibility and energy, as well as strengthens the pelvic bone. Shoulder stand and elbow balance yoga pose enhance the pelvic muscles. Standing forward bend, triangle, and pigeon poses to improve the body’s flexibility. Research has indicated that men who occasionally do yoga exercises have improved sexual desires, erection, sexual confidence, and intercourse satisfaction.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel is the best form of sex exercises since they strengthen one’s sex organ muscles. They are simple and can be done anywhere and anytime. The simplest one is stopping the flow of urine for several seconds which exercises the pubococcygeus muscle. They highly help in delaying of ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

High-Intensity Interval Training Exercises

It is a form of exercise that involves fast, short periods exercises followed by a phase of complete recovery between sets. For instance, doing burpees flat, sprints, or rowing for approximately 45 seconds then one-minute rest, a repeat of the same eight to ten times. High-intensity interval training can boost testosterone levels even for older men. In case it doesn’t work one can get a better solution by looking up for existing sexual solutions reviews like Brad Reviews.

Weight Lifting

Strength exercise is one of the exercises that men with sexual problems are advised to undertake. Weight lifting makes the body produce testosterone the primary precursor for male sex drive. Moreover, it improves lower and upper body strength and the body stamina.

Core Exercises

Performing regular core body planks improves the sex live greatly. It can be done in mimic actions like missionary position. This helps a man hold position longer without getting tired during sexual intercourse. Basic sit ups and push ups strengthen muscles used during intercourse. If you are not good at doing proper sit-ups you can start by progressing with your knees positioned on the floor, then trying to work up, eventually doing one push up. With time you will get used, and if possible hold yourself up in a plank which will be quiet advantageous.

In conclusion, exercising is the best way to maintain your physical health and a great way of improving a man’s sex life. Moreover, it is great to combine a number of exercises so as to achieve the most desirable results. Also, one has to be patient and consistence for exercise to work efficiently. Working out is a perfect solution of improving a man’s sexual techniques and flexibility. The great advantage is one doesn’t only get to be better in bed, but also you get healthier and fitter.


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