With the Coronavirus still a major problem around the world, it has become difficult to stick with our usual routines. If you were a common gym visitor, you are now having to find ways to workout from home. This can be difficult, especially if you are used to taking classes at your local gym or using certain types of equipment. What can you do now that social distancing is a must? Can you workout successfully at home? Below are a few 20-minute home workout options you can utilize to stay in shape while the coronavirus is ongoing. 

Walk Around the Neighborhood/Local Track

One way to exercise quickly while at home is to walk around the neighborhood. If you have sidewalks and feel comfortable in your area based on coronavirus totals, take a daily walk to get your cardio in. you can easily walk for 20 minutes to feel good and stay healthy. If the weather permits, check out local tracks. If you feel safe, take a walk around local tracks to exercise. Always keep in mind the number of people and if a track or trail seems too busy then stick to walking at home. You can even use your driveway to walk up and down if it is long enough to exercise without leaving home. 

Invest in Cardio Equipment 

Another great option is to invest in quality cardio equipment. With a treadmill or an elliptical, you can workout whenever you like from home. This would be a good investment as you could workout just as hard as you would at the gym. Fitness Expo offers the best exercise equipment brands and you can find options that are affordable. Find space in your home where you could add this type of equipment to enhance your at home workouts. 

Yoga Videos

If you want to enjoy a nice 20-minute workout that will help you relax and stay flexible, look for yoga videos online. You can easily use YouTube to find yoga videos that you can watch on your laptop or smart TV. Set aside the time frame to workout and get started. Try different videos to find options that will provide you with maximum results. 


For those who travel to the gym for classes, one option that is always enjoyed is Zumba. This dance type class is fun and can really get your heart pumping. You can do these same exercises at home by watching Zumba videos online. There are tons of videos available for viewing. You can easily get a 20-minute workout in and may find you want to keep going because you are having too much fun! 

Belly Dancing 

For a unique 20-minute workout, consider a more obscure workout plan such as belly dancing. Videos can also be viewed that include belly dancing exercises that can be done in just 20-minutes. You will find after trying this type of video that stomach muscles you never knew you had been so sore! 

These exercise options will all work to help you stay healthy at home. Take a little time to research a few of these options and pick what appeals to you most. Give the workout a try and see if you like it. Change up your routine by doing a new workout each day. This will keep you motivated and exercising on a regular basis.