It can be challenging to start back up with an exercise routine if you have been sidelined. Regardless of if you have taken time off because of injury or merely because the demands of life got in the way, it is important to ease your way back into your normal exercise routine. Here are three workouts that are ideal for when you need to ease back into the routine of exercising:




Yoga is the perfect low-impact exercise. The gentle stretching that yoga incorporates is ideal for people who are recovering from injury. Yoga also relaxes the body and loosens the muscles, making it better prepared for exercise. Yoga works out more than just the body. It also works the mind and puts you in a better mental place to tackle the rigors of regular exercise.




The best thing about walking is that anyone can do it. You do not need an expensive gym membership to incorporate a daily walk into your regular routine. All you need is a good pair of athletic shoes and a safe walking route. Start at a slow pace and short distance so that you do not overextend yourself. You will eventually be able to work up to a faster pace and longer distances.




Water therapy is the ideal way to prepare your body for more intensive exercises. Swimming is a great way to add cardiovascular exercise into your routine without putting your body under too much stress. The low-impact properties of swimming make it easy on the muscles and joints. Despite the ease of which the body moves through the water, swimming still provides a quality workout.




While some amount of discomfort may be normal as you ease back into exercising, excessive pain is never normal. If you experience pain, a trip to a pain center will help to diagnose the problem and deliver the relief that you need to get you back up on your feet with a myriad of treatment options. Do not be hesitant to modify your exercise to fit your tolerance level. There is no shame in just trying your best.


While it may be tempting to jump back into your regular fitness routine, it is important that you ease into the exercising. Taking your time will prevent injury and set you up for the most success down the road.