There are countless research and studies on why stress is detrimental to your health. We all
experience it one way or another whether at school, work or when facing pressing life problems.
Going through it at times is normal especially with how we live today but too much stress can
lead to serious health problems.
If you are stressed out constantly, you need to find time to unwind, relax, and adopt healthy
habits to keep yourself in check. Just like breathing, relaxation is essential to our beings.
Fortunately, there are ways you can do this by yourself. Here are some tips on how to give
yourself relief from stress:

Try Aromatherapy

The smell is one of the most underrated senses and certain scents can evoke a specific feeling.
Using calming and relaxing aromas from known plants like lavender, jasmine, rosemary, and
lemon can help you unwind. When you need to relax, aromatherapy is an option you can look

Essential oils are useful for this reason because you can easily incorporate it in your bath,
diffuser or massage. Taking a few minutes of each day to get you in a more peaceful place will
do wonders for your mood.

Move Your Body

Has it been a while since you went to the gym? Maybe it’s time you go back and resume
working on your body. Being preoccupied with lifting weights, doing curls or simply running on
the treadmill can be a good escape from all the things you are stressed about.
Studies have shown that physical activity can improve overall health. Exercising as little as 30
minutes a day and at least 3 times a week can make a world of difference. You can go to the
gym on the time that is convenient to you but if you tend to start your day early, try exercising
first before going to work so you’ll be energized and ready to face the day.
Going to the gym is not the only way to keep fit. There are a multitude of sports and physically-
demanding hobbies to get your sweat on. You can take up swimming, golf, basketball or even
One of the best and most accessible outdoor activities you can get started on right away is
biking. Riding the bike and going around town is a good way to take your mind off things and
look at views. Training is relatively easy as you can pace yourself and take a look at your stats
using a cycling power meter. Once you’ve built up stamina, you can take on more challenging
terrain like mountains and steep hills.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

When we’re stressed, the food we crave the most tends to be fast food and junk. It’s one way to
compensate for what you are going through but constantly eating unhealthily can result in poor
health and weight gain which can exacerbate poor self-image and bad moods. If you’re in good
health, you bounce back faster when you’re stressed out.
With that said, make a conscious choice and effort to add more fruits and vegetables in your
diet. There should be at least one meal daily with a fruit or vegetable or both. Make it a point to
increase your intake of the good stuff so you can reap the benefits such as vitamins, minerals,
and antioxidants which can boost the immune system and cleanse your body of disease-
causing toxins.
If you are a picky eater, you can start slowly by going for fruits and vegetables that you are not
completely opposed to. Introduce yourself to new things and you might find something that fits
your palate. You can trick your body to eating these by looking for delicious recipes that mask
the appearance or smell.

Listen to Music

What kind of tunes make you happy the most? Listen to it especially on days you’re feeling
particularly stressed. Music has the power to soothe and put us in a good mood which can help
ease stress.

Pamper Yourself

Aside from the basic necessities and needs, we all have our own versions of creature comforts.
Food, sleep, watching movies, going to the spa, and playing video games are popular choices
but pampering yourself is dependent on what you truly like and enjoy. Regardless of gender, if
you have the budget to pamper yourself like going to a beauty salon for a massage, getting a
beauty treatment of your choice or buying facial products for skincare then, by all means,
splurge and treat yourself.
If not, you can go the DIY route and prep the things you need yourself. An example is taking a
long luxurious bath with lit scented candles, music, bubbles, and some calming music or your
favorite movie. Another is ordering in taking out and binge-watching favorite TV shows. For
others, it’s about reading the newest book from their favorite authors. Go for what you enjoy,
and as what Marie Kondo says, make sure it “sparks joy”

Your Body is a Temple

Even machines and gadgets need maintenance in order to continue working well. So should
you as a human with needs and emotions. Rest and relaxation should be mandatory because
your body is a temple and you should take care of it. When you treat yourself kindly by taking up
healthy habits, you’ll go through life happier, content, and motivated to live the best out of it.
What are your preferred ways of resting and relaxing? Share your advice in the comments