6 Exercises to Do in Your Car!

Find out why car exercises make sense


Let’s suppose you got stuck in a traffic jam. It usually takes much time to move on. Possibly, you will stay in a traffic jam for long. Do you have a comfortable car? It is important to have a comfortable vehicle for traveling and doing exercises, described it this article. You may try convertible car rental in Clearwater airport if you start your trip from St Petersburg. USA is full of exotic places like this one. And you will never have problem with renting a car there. So, pick the car according to your needs, considering terms and road conditions. Whatever vehicle you have, you will never know how long you may stay staring at other cars and thinking of nothing. Driving during peak hours is never be enjoyable. But you can spend your time wisely by doing a mini-workout in the car.

Factually, so-called in-car exercises are useful for all and everyone. Prolonged sitting is not only boring and tiring but often causes back or neck pain.

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All exercises must be easy to do and safe for you and your passengers. It is good to do stretching but stop the exercise when you feel pain. Don’t overdo!

If you have problems with your health or you have no idea about how to do one or another exercise, ask professional. You can consult your doctor in the hospital or a personal trainer in the gym.

Don’t do exercises when driving! It is better to stop the car and turn the engine off. Find a good place to park your car.




Remember that all these exercises are good for parked cars. When you stop the car at a red light or waiting in a traffic jam, maximum you can do is stretching your legs. Do you know the easiest exercises you can practice in the car? Take a tennis ball and put it between your knees. Then, squeeze the ball and hold it for 15 seconds.

  1. For your chest and shoulders

You can do more exercises with a tennis ball. Put it between the palms of your hands and try to push the palms and raise elbows as high as you can. 15 repetitions and 2-3 sets are enough to feel stretched and refreshed.

  1. For your arms and forearms

If you want to help your arms and forearms, you should do more specific exercises and activities. You should help in gardening, play tennis, go biking, or any other activity that requires having a strong grip. Do you remember a tennis ball? Take a tennis ball with your hand and squeeze it with your maximum strength. 10 repetitions are enough for you! Don’t forget to do sets for each arm.

  1. For your feet

Put your feet on the floor and try to raise your heel for about 20 repetitions. Don’t forget that you have 2 legs. So, do exercises for each leg. Does it seem too easy for you? You can put the tennis ball under your feet and try to do the leg raises with increase difficulty.

  1. For your body

You can do this exercise in the seat of your car. You need to make a line from your head to the tail bone. Raise your hands and straighten your neck. Hold this pose for 15 seconds and do 2-3 sets.

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  1. For your glutes

You can keep your butt in tone even in the car. How? You may use the same exercises like from the previous point. Just hold the muscles tight for about 10-15 seconds and do it for 3-4 sets.

  1. For your legs

There are so many simple exercises for your legs you can do in the car. Of course, the best exercise that strengthens your legs is a wall sit. But you can hardly do it in the car. Nevertheless, you can imitate the action and do as much as you can for your legs and thighs. What about your inner thighs? Just put a soft pillow between your legs and hold the position for 15-20 seconds. Then, relax tight muscles.

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You may use these simple exercises when you are on the go. Of course, when you finally reach your destination or stay for a night in the hotel you can work on your body in the best way. If you worry about overeating or fast food restaurants, you should do exercises more intensively or visit a gym. It would be great to go running. But if you are driving and can’t stop the car for long, you can try all or one of these simple workouts. They can’t help you with losing weight and building muscles. But they can really help you with keeping your body up. Finally, after you stop the car and do exercises, you can try foot massage. Of course, if you are a professional massage specialist, you can do it in a professional manner. But if you are not, you may use a tennis ball.

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