7 Life Habit for Easy Weight Loss – Lose Weight beyond Harsh Exercises and Cautions Eating


Venus Factor Weight Loss1.    Starring at the blue color blue

There is a big reason why you won’t see most fast food restaurants decorated in color blue. Blue color serves as an appetite suppressant. So try to serve up meals on blue dishes and plates, wear blue dresses while you eat, and use blue table cover for your table. On the other hand, avoid yellow, red, and orange in your dining rooms. Researches support that these color encourage eating.

2.    Eat in front of mirrors

Another study proved that eating in front of a mirror slashed amount people ate by approximately 1/3rd. Look yourself in eye reflects some of your inner standards and personal goals, and ring a bell to remind you that why you are striving to lose weight.

3.    Walk 5 minutes at least after every 2 hours.

Don’t stuck at your desk all the day? A brisk 5 minutes walk after every 2 hours will definitely parlay into an extra 20 minutes walk at the end of the day. Moreover getting this break will make you less likely to go for snacks.

4.    Put your spoon and fork down between every bite.

At your table, sip the water more frequently. Intersperse eating with the stories and amusing things happened at day time for your dining partner. When it comes to satiety or fullness signals, our brain lags our stomach by around 20 minutes. According to the venus factor review, If we eat slowly enough, our brain will signal that we no longer need any further food.

5.    Throw out or give away your fat clothes

Once you have started losing weight, give away or throw out every single piece of clothing that does not fit. The thought of having to purchase a completely new wardrobe if you get fat again will serve as a strong reason to stay fit.

6.    Brush your teeth after every time you eat, especially dinner.

This minty and clean freshness will act as a signal to your brain and body that mealtime is over. This thought will keep you from thinking of next meal and suppress your appetite.

7.    Don’t eat with a large group.

A report published in Journal of Physiological Behavior suggested that we try to eat more when we are eating with other people. May be this is because we spend more time eating. However eating with your family or significant other, and utilizing the table time for discussion in between chewing, can help you cut down on many calories.

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