Dangers of Inversion Table

Inversion Table has brought out a new era of getting relief from a number of physical disorders especially from back pain, muscle pain, joints pain etc. Yes, it is true that Inversion Therapy is very useful to get instant relief, but there are some downsides of this therapy too. You will get lot of best inversion table for the money but need to know the clear concept about inversion table. Want to know What Are the Dangers of Inversion Table? Keep your eyes cling to this post and keep scrolling.

Inversion Table is also very helpful to remove body stress. It also increases blood circulation as well. But nowadays a number of people has been using this amazing therapy without knowing the dangers of it.

We hope, this post will be helpful for you to know the dangers of using an inversion table in detail and guide you to get the best out of Inversion Therapy that is good for your health.

So, why should we delay? Let’s get started!

Dangers of Inversion Table:

Inversion Table is undoubtedly very helpful for some notable physical disorders. It also has some downsides too. Though an Inversion Table is designed to provide the users with a number of health benefits, sometimes it brings dangers to the users as well.

Thousands of people around the world are using Inversion Therapy to get relief from back pain, muscle pain, joints pain as well as to improve their overall body fitness, nowadays. We believe, they aren’t ignorant, but it’s the bitter truth that most of them have never head to know the downsides of Inversion Therapy.

Now, let us know you the dangers of Inversion Table in the following, so you can use this therapy machine consciously and grab the benefits!

Increases Blood Pressure:

Of all the dangers of Inversion Therapy, it is the most notable one that grabbed the attention of professional therapist. Yes, practicing inversion therapy increases blood pressure.

As the therapy process puts you upside down, and naturally your heart will start to beat slowly within a few minutes of practicing Inversion Therapy.

What actually happens in such situation is quite dangerous, like the blood starts to flow at such a force that your body is not used to tackling it.

So, if you have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, it is better to avoid inversion therapy. Otherwise, it may invite unwanted danger for you.

Eye Pressure:

While inverting, an inversion table causes a reasonable pressure on your eyes too. In some conditions, if the pressure is elevated, it also causes bleeding as well.

That is why, experts always discourage those people to practice inversion therapy who have “Glaucoma”. As the people with “Glaucoma” are already having elevated pressure on their eyes, using an inversion table may increase that pressure furthermore. Thus it can cause serious damage to their eyes in the long run.

So, if you are having “Glaucoma” as well as retinal detachment, you better consult your doctor before using an inversion therapy table.

Pulls Muscle:

We all are well-known to the proverb “The More, The Merrier” and this natural tendency of human being causes harms sometimes.

Yes, inversion therapy provides instant result, precisely within a few minutes. It also bears the risk of pulling your muscle if you use it for a notably long time.

Temporary Solution:

Along with these dangers, many people also claim that inversion therapy provides a temporary solution. Yes, you will feel better when you are using the table but it doesn’t last long, they say.

Though a number of therapist as well as individual users have praised inversion tables highly for its ability to provide you instant relief, some also claim that the effectiveness is short-term.


Apart from all these, Inversion Table may be a matter of danger in some situations. If you are having circulatory disorders, conjunctivitis, poor heart rate, swollen joints, hernia, accountable spinal injury as well as unhealed fractures, we think you are not physically fit to use an inversion table.

In these circumstances, using an inversion therapy table may bring unwanted dangers other that curing your disorders. If you are having any of these problems, you better go for another form of therapy other than using an inversion table.

Final Words:

After going through this post, we hope you have come to know What are the Dangers of inversion Table and you will be aware of these facts while using any inversion table. Even if you consider yourself fit, and free from all these physical disorders mentioned in this post, we would like to recommend you to consult your doctor first and then go for inversion therapy tables.