Don’t Waste Time! 8 Facts to Know Until You Reach Optimum Fitness Levels


We all know that exercise is important to become fit and healthy. Therefore, we must indulge our bodies in some or the other form to attain this but if the results are not as desired then we may not be on the right path. This proves that we haven’t yet understood the difference between fact and fantasy. Here are some of the facts that you must know in order to reach the optimum fitness for your body :
#8. Working Out is Never Without Some Amount of Pain
Nothing comes easy in life, not even a fit body. Hence working out is also difficult. You will never be able to achieve anything without undergoing some amount of pain. Ideally, exercise should increase your heart rate, make you feel breathless and your muscles should feel like dying of pain. Eventually it gets easier but when this happens, it implies that your body has become habitual and should face a new challenge.

#7. Strolling Up And Down is Not Called Exercise
Some people misinterpret walking in the office, taking stairs and not elevator and other such movements as exercise. Well, I am not saying that all this is not good, but moving your body cannot replace the real ‘exercise’. You may ask why? It is so because any exercise you do should span for a minimum of 10 minutes so that it increases your heart rate and challenges your body. Ask yourself,  do the activities done above accomplish that?

#6. 1 Hour Workout + 23 Hours of Rest = No Result
You work out really hard in the gym for an hour and remain glued to your couch for the remaining 23 hours. Is this going to help you? No. We all are leading a life wherein we are either sitting, working on a desk, driving and sleeping. Such inactive activities consume most of our day-to-day life. A longer phase that is spent sitting makes things worse. Extra non-workout activities also matter and these do not include the above. This is where other activities play a big role and should be made part of your everyday life.

#5 Your Calorie Burn Rate is Not What You Think
Well you joined a fitness program that claims that you could burn as many as 800 calories an hour. You get attracted and jump into the bandwagon. Are you missing out something? Perhaps, the truth. 800 is a big number. These calories burn screens display only the estimates. Every body is different. Parameters that make it different are gender, actual heart rate during workout, weight and more. Therefore, to get the real estimate wear a heart rate monitor. It will tell you exactly how many calories you have burnt.

#4. You Just Cannot Eat Anything and Everything
You think you work out regularly so there is absolutely no harm in splurging in a tub of ice cream once in a while. You can always afford to do that. Well, you may be wrong. Exercise may not burn the extra calories that you have added in just one go. So, if you are working out for losing weight or building muscles, control your cravings.

#3. Just Exercise Cannot Tone Up The Body
If you think exercising alone will give you a well chiseled body, then you are living in a wonderland. It is never a one way path. It should always be combined with diet and other such things like consuming fewer calories than your body is capable of removing. So make sure it is a good combination of strength training and cardio. This will help you tone up your body.

#2. Cuts and Minor Wounds Can Turn Into Serious Skin Infections
Oh, yes. These can take the shape of an infection sooner than you can think of. Practice hygiene. Use anti fungal tea tree oil cleansing wipes to clean the cuts and other minor injuries you may received. Alternatively, you can use these cleansing wipes to clean if you do not have time for shower immediately after working out.

#1. Routine is Boring
Before you hit boredom with the same exercise routine, try to incorporate something interesting into the monotonous regime you may have been following. Doing the same thing over and over again takes away the excitement and thrill of exercising. So do add some variation to it every now and then. There are so many different forms that can be tried out. Challenge your body in new manners and have fun too.

Remember these facts and enjoy your workout.

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