Whether it is cakes, cookies or crisp croissants most if not all women lean to think more for food they eat at least a hundred times a day. From the silly reasons of bad feeling so need to have a treat with some yummy ice-cream to “I have done good today” therefore I can take a candy. A recent study proves that food just pop in our brain and all set to make depressed, craving for more.

venus factor weight lossFor Most if not all women, food is one of the first things that they think about every morning and maybe remains active until they hit their bed. Possibly, this is one of the main reason  discussed briefly in venus factor review, to put on some extra weight. The way we think about the food, it takes the control over our mind as well as our body. We just required changing our attitude about all our cravings as well as yummy treats and in return it will help us to lose some weight, and the best part this will be rather fast weight loss.

So How We Can We Fine Tune Our Mind?

The trick is to fine tune your mind by the idea of learning to observe your thoughts, understand them and then act accordingly on it. This can be done through simple exercises that you put on your mind to escape tyranny of your beloved cravings. All these are simple and easy mind exercises such as back counting from 10 to 0 or by putting something healthy still tasty in your mouth and then observe what you were thinking, feeling and the like. This exercise will only be applicable when you are able to be familiar with and relate your eating behavior and patterns that soon you can get a solution to know what type of food thinker you are, a gorger, a nibbler, a bigger, a junkie, or a comfort eater.

A List Definitely Helps

The first and foremost thing to do is to don’t keep those intolerable craving elements in kitchen cabinet and refrigerator. So list down all those items that really makes you miserable and you can’t resist. Stay away from impulsive while buying such stuff. Importantly, when you find your favorite food and the time when you try to eat them try to ask this question, “Am I right? I was putting hard efforts to lose weight and get in good shape?