You push past the individual in front of you and are poised to finish in the first place position. As you pump your fist in the air to indicate victory, your foot blows and you’re suddenly tumbling. Without enough time to get your body back in position, you land on the outside of your foot, and its ligament rolls inwards. You crush to the floor in pain with a sprained foot, an injury that’s a common norm for runners.

You may think that foot-related injuries occur only with runners, but they’re also common among everyday active individuals. Walking on an uneven surface, for instance, can twist your feet and sprain the ligaments on the ankle’s outside. Likewise, stepping off a curb or dancing can also cause damage to your feet if you aren’t keeping them in good health.

3 Ways To Prevent Injuries and Improve Strength 1024x681 - Foot Health: 3 Ways To Prevent Injuries & Improve Strength

Fortunately, there’s hope!

You can ward against injuries and make your feet stronger by learning to improve their alignment and taking other measures that enhance foot balance as well as strengthen the tendons and muscles that protect the joint. Here’s a roundup of healthy foot tips:

  1. Learn the Ideal Position of Feet Placement

For healthy feet, it’s important to know the ideal position of feet placement. For instance, they should be parallel and 2-3 inches apart when you’re standing. And to avoid supination or pronation, a person should focus on keeping their feet’s arches lifted and apply slight pressure on the feet’s outside edges. Fitted arch supports are available for those who find it difficult to maintain this natural foot position. Modern arch supporters place the feet in the “ideal” position by offering support to all four arches – thereby resulting in even distribution of body weight. Some arch support products also exercise the tendons, ligaments, and muscles – repositioning the feet to its optimal position.

  1. Massage Regularly

Foot massage is one of the easiest ways to keep your feet healthy and free from all kinds of pains and injuries. A few minutes of daily foot massage also offers other benefits, such as making your angles flexible and strong, relieving workout-related inflammation, helping you relax after a hectic, long day, and improving blood circulation to your feet. Therefore, we recommend taking 5-10 minutes out of your schedule to massage your feet. Use warm coconut or extra virgin olive oil. And during the message, press into your feet’s soles using your thumbs in a circular pattern.  Also, pull your toes backwards and forwards gently one by one to ease soreness. If you feel it’s too much of a hassle to use your hands for a foot massage, consider buying a foot roller for your massages.

  1. Enhance The Strength of Your Soles

By making your feet stronger, you’ll achieve better propulsion, which can help you walk more efficiently. We recommend toe-raise exercises as you stand or sit to help strengthen the tiny, deep muscles of the feet that control its movement: With each foot firmly placed on a flat surface, try lifting the big toes; do five reps and three sets for each side. Then, before bedtime, improve arch strength by standing barefoot on the surface and pushing down through your toes and feels, bringing them closer with a pull so that you’re lifting with arches. Both of these exercises are especially useful for those who frequently wear high heels.

It’s easy to ignore your feet, but they play an essential role in your daily life and deserve some much-needed care. Practice these three tips regularly to keep them strong and injury-free.