Many people are curious about the ways yoga can improve their health. The practice is hundreds of years old derived from the Sanskrit “yuji” which reveals how it is centered in the union of the mind and the body.

Yoga was designed to strengthen the mind and the body through a number of different poses that help create even breathing. Yoga also incorporates meditation to encourage you to reduce your stress and increase your relaxation levels.

Practicing yoga has a number of physical and mental health benefits. Many have even been the subject of scientific studies that show the reasons why everyone should be doing yoga.

Yoga Helps Reduce Your Stress

One of the biggest health benefits to both your mind and your body is that it helps reduce stress. It is known for the oms, but the poses, stretches, and breathing exercises help promote relaxation.

This is especially important in today’s age. It can be so easy to be overwhelmed by all our responsibilities with work, family, friends, traveling, etc. The list never ends. However, being constantly stressed out is really bad for your body.

When you are stressed out, your body reduces the hormone cortisol. This is a built-in alarm system that helps your body in times of crisis. It can help your body keep inflammation down, regulate your blood pressure, control your wake/sleep cycle, and even boost your energy. This all sounds great until you have too much of it in your body.

When you don’t get back to a state of relaxation, the hormone starts to have a detrimental effect on both your mental and physical health. When you have too much stress, your body responds by causing an increase in blood pressure which can lead to heart disease. It also causes your body to gain weight. For everyone who has had too many sleepless nights, you can blame too much cortisol in your system.

If you have too much cortisol, it can also affect your mental well-being. People with too much stress report depression, anxiety, and problems concentrating.

Many studies have shown that yoga helps to reduce stress. One study demonstrated that women had significantly less cortisol in their systems. They reported feeling less fatigue, symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Another study revealed similar results in as little as ten weeks. It helped improve the mental health and quality of life of those participating.


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