The bodybuilding and weight loss market is indeed a billion dollar industry. This fantastic fact, however, is not the only reason why many people pay special attention to their bodies.

In reality, we live in a world where physical appearance is such a big deal and a primary criterion for getting a job, attracting a mate, making friends and in some cases fitting into certain social groups, makes many pay keen attention to how big their muscles are and how trim their weight is.

Nutritionists and those in the business will tell you that the effects of exercise on the body are as important as what is consumed by the individual involved.

Talking of what is taken into the body; one cannot ignore the latest fad in the bodybuilding industry – protein powder.

They are popularly known as supplements, and there are several types of these “supplements” in shops, off the counter, in gymnasiums and of course in many homes.

Protein powders or supplements range from whey, hemp and casein to pea and soy. Actually, the list is endless.

The popularity of protein powders come at no surprise duo to their obvious benefits in weight management.

Here are a few examples of protein supplements and their effects on body mass.

Types Of Protein Powders


Acknowledged as one of the most popular gainful protein powders consumed by weight gain enthusiasts and those who intend to add some bulky muscle to their slender frame.

Soy is plant-based, and when taken in the right proportions will supply the essential amino acids that the body needs to build up weight.


This extremely fibrous and naturally occurring substance is the perfect choice for vegans or those with specific protein allergies.

They can be consumed as protein shakes and yield better results when combined with a healthy dose of exercise.


If Michael Jackson is the king of pop, then whey is the king of protein powders. It is water soluble and a favorite among athletes and bodybuilders.

It is easily digestible and a good source of amino acids for the body.

Other types of protein powders include casein and pea.

How To Consume Protein Powders

By Dissolving In Water

Protein supplements like whey are extremely water soluble, which makes consuming them very easy.

Depending on the quality recommended by physician or gym instructor, dissolve in the water canister or cup, shake and take.

Blended To Make Smoothie

They can equally be consumed by blending the desired amount with fruit and milk shake to make a smoothie.

Taken With Food

No matter the fancy name they are called, protein powders are still food supplements, and they can be consumed during meal time.

Fortunately, experts recommend this form of consumption as the best.

How best To Use Protein Powders for body building

Take Them With A Well Balanced Diet

Protein powders are awesome, but they are not magical. Therefore, their effects are procedural, and for the best of results, they are better consumed with a healthy dose of food in the right proportions. They are never a substitute for a balanced diet.

This is a crucial point to note for exercise fanatics who are trying to build their body mass without an instructor.

When taken solely, the effect of protein powder is often minimal compared with when they are consumed with a well-balanced diet.

Get Plenty Of Exercises Done

Even individuals who aren’t health experts understand that protein is very useful for weight gain.

Consequently, high protein intake can boost your metabolism, which results in more calories being burnt each day.

Protein powders or supplements as they are sometimes called will only give the desired body weight and muscle when they are combined with well-structured exercise like Pilates, weight lifting, etc.

High intake of calories from protein supplements, when combined with strength training workouts, will help bolster muscle size as calories are being used up.