How to Burn Calories without Exercise


How to Burn Calories without Exercise

People find it very tough to lose weight because it means they will have to exercise on a regular basis. However, this is almost impossible for people with full time careers as they don’t have a lot of time to devote to exercise. Therefore, they will be glad to know that it isn’t necessary to exercise when they want to burn calories and shed some weight. The key to lose weight is to burn more calories than the number of calories consumed and exercise is not necessarily effective in achieving this goal. Calories are burned even when sleeping or doing housework. The amount of calories that are burnt during everyday activities can be boosted with some steps. They are mentioned below:


  1. First and foremost, people should start going to be hungry. Rather than having a late night snack before going to bed or having a late dinner, it is better to retire on an empty stomach. Even when you are sleeping, your body has to burn some calories. If you haven’t eaten anything before going to sleep, your body will burn off some fat from the deposits in the body and you’ll wake up with a little less fat as compared to when you went to bed.
  2. Start drinking ice water. Your body will have to burn off some calories in order to heat the cold water until it reaches body temperature. It has been noted that people can burn about 70 calories on a daily basis if they start drinking about 8 glasses of ice water.
  3. Keep fidgeting. Drumming your fingers, tapping your toes, chewing gum and even doodling can burn off some calories. This means that the advice of parents and teachers has to be ignored if they kept telling you to sit still.
  4. Make it a habit to laugh. Watching a drama will not help you in burning a lot of calories as watching a funny movie would. In fact, you will be burning 20% more calories in this way. You can read funny stories, see comics perform live or even watch comedies on TV.
  5. Start eating spicy foods. It has been seen through research that spices like curry, cumin and cayenne pepper are able to increase your metabolism a few minutes after eating them. This will help in burning little more calories as compared to what’s burnt through bland foods.
  6. It is time to make some changes to your diet if you want to burn more calories and reduce some weight. Protein should be added to your diet and some emphasis should be placed on dairy foods. When this change is made, it will prevent your body from breaking down your muscles for the proteins that are needed. The more muscles there are in the body, the more calories will be burned by people.


With these changes in their routine and diet, people will be able to burn calories without having to find time to exercise and tax their body unnecessarily.

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