Protein is one of the basic requirements of our body. If you want to stay healthy better have a balanced diet. Usually, people prefer to have natural means to meet up with this requirement, but protein shakes can be a much better option. What most people think is that protein shakes are specifically used by bodybuilders or the people who do heavy weight lifting. The point is that protein shake has multiple uses, it can be used to lose weight, it can also help in gaining weight, it helps in muscle build up. Basically, it contains all the right ingredients to help you in staying in good shape and being healthy.  

Now the problem is that there are so many brands out there at that claim to produce the best protein shake. Choosing one of them is a difficult task. Here are some things that will definitely help you in choosing.

  • Whey protein


We all know that women’s body requirements are a lot different than men. They need a larger amount of amino acids, vitamins, etc. Whey protein for women is specifically designed, that meet the requirement of women’s body. If you keep using men’s protein shake, it will increase the amount of protein in your body that can be dangerous. Women need less amount of protein as compared to men. As you are going to take the protein shakes on daily biases, you should know what types of nutrition it contains, what your body is taking in every day. It is designed to boost the amount of energy and make you active. It is recommended to use it post workout. It is so far the best protein shake for women.

  • What are your bodies requirement?

See, everybody is different. Everybody’s requirement is different according to what they eat in their everyday routine, what type of life they are spending etc. The first thing you need to know is what is your bodies requirement. You can consult a professional dietitian for this purpose. They will run a couple of tests and then recommend you the required medication or protein shake. Another thing that is important to consider is that what you want? What type of body is your goal? Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Here, are some categories according to which you should choose:

  1. Gain weight

Gaining weight does not mean that you will be pitting a lot of fat layer under your skin. It means the due to the increased intake of protein, the number of muscles will be increased in your body. This is a healthy and efficient way of putting on weight. So, if this is your goals, you should probably choose the protein shake which has a higher amount of protein. Whey protein is the best option for this purpose.

  1. Lose weight

Look for the protein shake that contains less amount of artificial sugar. Also, it should not contain branched-chain amino acids as they increase muscle growth.

  1. Kidney problem

In case if you have kidney problems, you should probably avoid such drinks, choose the one which has a lesser amount of protein.