Trampolines are by far the most enjoyable play areas for children of all ages. There is something very liberating and exhilarating about this jumping activity that makes you feel as if you are about to take wing into the sky. If you have ever jumped on a trampoline, you probably know what we are talking about. However, trampolines are not just for kids. In fact, in the recent years you may have noticed an increasing popularity of fitness trampolines, also known as rebounders. Jumping on trampolines has proven to be one of the most efficient fitness activities. It’s fun, it helps you get fit and it has numerous health benefits. Moreover, you don’t have to go to a gym to rebound, as you can buy your own home rebounder.

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Why are rebounders so popular?

The main reason why these mini trampolines are so popular is due to the fact that they are extremely fun to use. Moreover, it also helps that they deliver fast weight loss results. There have also been a lot of studies on this activity, which proved its benefits. The most relevant study is probably the one performed by NASA in 1980. It turns out that NASA was looking for a space exercise to counteract the effects of low gravity on the human body. They compared the treadmill, known for being one of the most efficient cardio workouts, with a trampoline. Their results showed that jumping on the trampoline delivers higher levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption than the treadmill. Not only that, but the trampoline also puts less pressure on the joints, since most of the impact is absorbed by the flexible surface.

Fitness benefits

The act of jumping requires the effort of most of the muscles in your body, so it is a great way to tone and sculpt your whole body. This activity has also been proven to boost the metabolism, especially if you perform it at high intensities, elevating your heart rate as much as possible. For the best results, try a high intensity high knee run on the spot, or an intense 1 minute session of high knee jumps. For the best results, combine the high intensity exercises with lower intensity jumps. Obviously, you have higher chances of losing weight and building lean muscles, if you work out daily and you try to keep your diet under control.

Health benefits

Most types of physical activity have great health benefits, but rebounding is one of the healthiest workouts. Not only does it improve the heart health, but it also stimulates the circulation, the lymphatic system, it improves the digestion, it eliminates toxins, it increases the blood flow, it induces restful sleep, it promotes body growth and repair, and it can also ease neck and bad paints as it promotes a healthier posture.

It is a convenient way to workout

You don’t have to go to a gym to practice rebounding, as there are numerous rebounders designed for home use. We personally recommend a Needak rebounder as it is affordable and very sturdy. Moreover, it also comes in a foldable version so that you can easily find a storage place for it. It is also very lightweight, so you can easily place it in the area where you are most comfortable working out. In fact, you can even use it while watching TV.

Exercises to try

The types of exercises that you perform on a trampoline can work some muscles more than others, as there is a wide range of exercises that you can try aside from basic jumping. If you buy a Needak rebounder, we advise you to get it along with the workout DVD so that you can find the best exercises for your fitness goals. As a suggestion, if you want to tone your legs and your glutes, you can try jumping with your legs crossed and your hands holding the rebounder’s rim. For great abs, try sitting on your side, with one leg straight and one bent, and use your abs in order to propel your bottom of the trampoline.