Things to Know Before You Join Zumba


Are you bored with your regular workout routines and have decided to join a fun workout session of Zumba?

There are certain things you should know beforehand if you wish to join Zumba so that you can enjoy the classes;

You will Sweat a Lot: 

First timers assume that Zumba is not as intense as any other high-intensity workout. Well, you are mistaken, Zumba is mostly dancing with full energy which means you will sweat a lot. Hence take a big bottle of water with you and in between songs, keep taking sips of water as you will sweat a lot.

It is Anything But Boring:

Zumba is the most entertaining workout routine you must have ever experienced as you get to enjoy dancing to new energetic songs. The entire class seems to be energetic and nowhere close to being boring.

Wear the Right Shoes:

It goes without saying that Zumba is all about dancing hence your shoes need to be really good so that you do not strain your heel or knees. Your shoe should fit and support your feet perfectly.

Do Not Join if you are Obese or Suffer from Back or Knee pain:

Zumba is a form of an aerobic workout which is not advised for obese people as they would strain their knee more than they should. Also if you are suffering from knee or back pain, you should visit a therapist from rather than attending a Zumba class which can escalate the pain further.

Don’t Get too Carried Away:

You will be surrounded by a different level of dancers. A few will be really good and a few others will be beginners. Exert as much as you can but do not get carried away by the excellent members of the class as they have had a good deal of practice.

Don’t Stand in the Front:

Don’t stand in the front initially as you would want to follow a few other classmates along with the instructor initially. Also, you may feel embarrassed if you are unable to follow the steps. Stand in the middle row of the class or the last row until you get used to the class.

Prepare for a Noise Party:

Zumba classes are nowhere close to boring as a normal workout session could be in fact each session is just like a mini party where the instructor likes to yell and sing along and encourages you to do the same. The class connects with each other on another level and it is less of a workout and more fun.

Identify a Partner:

There will be around 10-15 people in each class hence you may not be able to see each and every move of the instructor. Find a Zumba partner who is a bit more advanced in the class so that you can follow his or her in the class if the instructor is not visible clearly.

The Routine Keeps Changing: 

Do not assume that the same routine will be followed in all classes. The fun part is that routine is constantly changed hence you will find a new set of songs every month to which you will have to groove. It makes the class more interesting.

It’s OK if You Mess Up:

Zumba is not about perfection; it is all about burning up the calories. Hence, you may miss out a couple of steps and it is ok until you are sweating and burning calories.

All in all, Zumba can be really fun and addictive, it’s just a matter of time.

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