5 Organizing Tips to Methodize Your Weight Loss


Stress is a part of modern, daily life.  Many important activities are deferred due to a lack of time.  Eating well, unfortunately, can be a casualty to our busy schedules.  In our hurry to meet our obligations, we often opt for the fastest and least expensive option for feeding our families and ourselves.

Fast food and drive-thru windows are a testament to the nation’s obsession with efficiency and convenience.  But regardless of how much is saved at the cashier’s window, fast food meals amount to an ‘eat now, pay later’ plan.  Eventually, the cost and distress of health disorders counters the initial savings of time and money.

In the chaos and stress of modern life, what should one do to get organized and support their weight loss goal?

Stock Up

When we are tired, we have the tendency to eat anything in sight that appeals to our senses. And usually, as research shows, when we are hungry we eat junk food. Neurologist Dr. Alain  Dagher says that we should never make decisions about what to eat when are starving. When we are hungry our stomach releases a hormone that activates our brain’s reward system which makes us want high calorie food. It’s difficult to resist French fries or nachos with cheese at 5pm, after a tiring day at work, having eaten nothing except for breakfast at 7am.  This is why it’s important to plan before we get hungry what we will eat. If a home-cooked meal is to be competitive with fast food, it’s necessary to plan ahead.  Make sure the pantry and refrigerator are stocked with healthy alternatives to processed foods, along with plenty of spices and tasty condiments to make meals delicious as well.

Cook Ahead

Cooking for the entire week is another way to put a balanced meal on the plate.  Instead of roasting one chicken for dinner, try preparing two at once.  The leftovers can be used to make sandwiches, soup, croquettes or to enhance a Caesar salad.

Beans Really ARE Good for Your Heart

Legumes are healthy foods that are full of calcium and protein.  In addition, beans, lentils and chickpeas are complex carbohydrates that do not stimulate an overproduction of insulin.  Rather than using canned varieties, the best option is to start from scratch.  Dried legumes keep for a long time in the pantry.  They usually require soaking overnight before cooking, so it does require planning a day ahead.  Unfortunately, many people have banned beans from the plate due to the flatulence they can cause.  However, there is a simple solution to this problem: pour out both the soaking water and the cooking water when they’re done.  This removes most of the indigestible starches that create flatulence. You can also use Dr-Matthew’s digestive enzymes supplement to digest better. If other ingredients are part of the recipe, they should be added after the beans have been cooked, and the nutrient-laden cooking water has been cooled and poured out into your garden.  Beans and whole grain rice make a healthy meal, offering a complete set of amino acids.  


If you truly don’t have time to shop for groceries and prepare meals, there are fully cooked meals that can be picked up from specialized caterers.  Another option are Bistro MD discount codes that can be applied to the cost of prepared meals delivered right to your doorstep.  These meals are specifically designed for optimum weight loss and health and have the added advantage of arriving in disposable dishes so that there is no clean-up afterwards.  

Incorporate moderate exercise into your day.  

Gentle exercise, such as walking, is one of the top rated weight loss programs of all.  In fact, it’s actually more healthful than aggressive exercise, which can increase cortisol levels and free-radical formation.  If you make a simple walk around the block a part of your daily routine, it will soon become an activity you look forward to and a simple way to achieve your weight loss goals.  


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