When it comes to feeling good and living a fulfilled life, your digestive system can have a surprising impact. Your digestive system affects how your body processes and refines energy, which can impact your motivation, strength, endurance, and intellect. When your stomach doesn’t feel good, you just don’t feel energized. Here are five different things you can do to help enhance your digestive health so you can live every day to the fullest.

Eat Real Food

Part of what is commonly coined as the Western Diet includes highly refined carbohydrates that result in major digestive conditions. Skip this highly-processed food and opt for eating real foods. Real foods are those that are grown and butchered, such as spinach and steak. By eating real foods, you can help to lower your risk of developing unfavorable digestive conditions like leaky gut syndrome. As a general rule, try to avoid eating foods laden with refined sugars, preservatives, and salt. Opt for locally grown and farmed food to ensure you are getting the freshest items available.

Eat More Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. When you get the fiber that is soluble, it helps to clean out your digestive system. This keeps it free from back up and helps to add bulk to your stool. Examples of foods high in soluble fiber include nuts, seeds, legumes, oat bran, and whole grains. Eating these foods will improve your overall digestive health and satisfy your appetite so that you don’t feel the need to indulge or overeat on less healthy choices.

frank flores 2X 6XZtCelM unsplash min scaledUtilize CBD

If you are looking for a good supplement to help your gut, but aren’t willing to turn to drugs, look into natural alternatives. Antibacterial CBD tinctures are a great way to ensure that your digestive health stays on the top of its game. CBD has been shown to strengthen the gut barrier in the body. This essentially helps to reduce your risk of gut inflammation from irritating foods. CBD has also been shown to help reduce the symptoms of nausea and bloating. By taking a tincture, you can make sure that you are taking care of your digestive system with minimal changes to diet and lifestyle. This makes CBD a great way to get started and to stay on top of gut health.

Get More Hydrated

Multiple studies have shown that most adults are dehydrated. This wreaks havoc on our bodies, minds, and of course, our stomachs. Sometimes we lack hydration due to bad food choices and just not having water present for consumption. Do yourself a favor and make it a daily mission to ensure that you get a ton of water in your diet. Water helps to prevent common digestive conditions like constipation. A simple thing like drinking at least 7 glasses a day will help you ensure that your digestive levels are where they should be.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Your stress level plays a huge role in your digestive health. If you’ve ever had an upset stomach when you’ve been highly stressed, you know what we’re talking about. There is an intricate brain and gut connection that can wreak havoc on your digestive system when your brain signals high-stress levels. You should attempt to reduce the stress levels in your life by one of the millions of tactics that are out there to do so. From exercise to meditation, we’re sure you can find one that you enjoy.

Improving your digestive health can be done in a number of different ways. The above are just five of the easiest methods to implement in your day to day lifestyle. Try stacking good habits on top of one another so you can end up with impeccable digestive health.