6 Super foods to improve your Eyesight you should know


Eyesight and clear vision is an imperative part of us, without which, we cannot function normally. And even though argued as being caused by aging, it is influenced by our modern lifestyles: poor feeding habits, countless hours in front of digital devices, bright flickering lights, and much more. For instance, can you picture a scenario where you are unable to see or view blurred images? Well, this is a situation we want to avoid for good, and that is why you need to know these six super foods that improve your eyesight exponentially.

Salmon and other Fatty Fishes

Eating fatty fish like salmon is known for better cell functionality inclusive of that of the eyes. These fishes contain a natural antioxidant, astaxanthin, which prevent blindness. Additionally, they contain Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA which adequately moisturize the eyes and prevent a condition, dry eye syndrome, linked to low levels of this fatty acid in the retina. More so, Omega-3 provides structural support to the cell membranes surrounding the retina thus keeping eye-related diseases at bay.

Black currant and Bilberries

Source: shakeology.com
Source: shakeology.com

With how important fruits are to our bodies, these group of fruits seems to be more beneficial to eyesight enhancement compared to other body functionalities. Black currant and bilberries possess high levels of anthocyanin. This nutrient is a powerhouse of progressive eye health and vision. It works to protect the eye from DNA cleavage as well as diseases caused by alteration of hormones ( an activity referred to as estrogenic activity) More importantly; it contains essential fatty acids which act to stop enzyme exhibition and inflammation on the eye.

Leafy greens (Kales, Broccoli, and Spinach)

As widely known, vegetables are as important as fruits in our nutrition. But did you know that ordinary kales are very crucial to your eyesight? People overlook Kales, spinach, and broccoli as useless in nutrition. But, they are the most important vegetable for improved vision and general eye health. They contain substantial amounts of essential nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin, which should be concentrated in the eye’s macula. A deficiency of it in the retina is the leading cause of loss of central vision.

Moreover, they lower the impotent risk of developing progressive macular degeneration and cataracts. Kales also contain beta-carotene, a component that makes carrots the superior food of improved vision. Altogether, they are also packed with Vitamin A, B12, and C, and calcium to prevent loss of vision. However, to obtain all these useful nutrients from these vegetables, don’t overcook these vegetables. You can use masticating juicer to make simple and quickly juicer from them.

Egg yolks

Most people never miss to include eggs in their breakfast. But why do you always do that? Is it because of the high protein content? Well, apart from the protein, you are unknowingly enhancing your eyes. It is because, as opposed to containing only Lutein and Zeaxanthin like a green vegetable, eggs also includes an equally important nutrient, Zinc. Zinc lower the risks of developing advanced AMD. It also protects the retina from any shock while the proteins are beneficial to the lens. The yolk itself with high nutrient levels prevents eye diseases when aging.

Nuts (Almonds, Cashew, Peanuts)

Nuts are without a doubt very nutritious and rejuvenating. But most importantly, they are known to contain beneficial supplements for the eyes. They contain vitamin E and Omega 3 to nourish the eyes while preventing them from drying off. With the high Vitamin C content, they also help improve the health of eye tissues. In the eye, Vitamin C regenerate important antioxidants such as Vitamin E.

Black Chocolate

It may come as a shock that chocolate has any good to the body. In fact, even though most people believe it to be junk, it is by far important to the eye as compared to some other foods we hold dear. Black chocolate has some special health supplement known as flavonoids. This nutrient protects blood vessels surrounding eyes thus strengthening them. And when these blood vessels are strong enough, they lead to the strong cornea and strong lens. All this strength results to more firm retina, lens, and cornea, and thus no damages to these important eye components.

Source: ehow-blog.com
Source: ehow-blog.com

Therefore, do not believe carrots to be the only food that can improve your eyesight. As mentioned above, this six super foods while not only improve your eyesight, they will also prevent age-related eye diseases. All in all, good feeding habits including these super foods and your eye vision is enhanced for good.

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