Revealing the Myths of Negative or Zero Calorie Food


No one can net a negative calorie balance or lose weight through eating zero calories food. However never rule them out because; Can we find foods that are too low in calories and take more calories to digest them? A weight loss through no calorie or negative calorie foods is a myth. However except diet beverages and water, there isn’t anything like negative or zero calorie food. You can make your dieting simpler through eating calorie free foods.

fat burning kitchenRevealing the Myth about Zero Calories

Beside foods that are manufactured to be zero caloric, such as aspartame and other sugar substitutes, virtually everything contains some calories. There are few foods that have very few calories and we do lose few calories while chewing and digesting foods that we eat. However the concept that eating specific foods can put our body into negative calorie balance is False. Several foods do need much more energy for digestion, however digesting foods which are called zero calorie like cucumbers or celery isn’t going to put much impact on the total weight loss or calorie expenditure efforts.

The examples of foods that are sometimes thought as being zero or negative calorie are apples, beets, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, celery,  garlic, grapefruit, lettuce, lemon, mangoes, spinach, onions, turnips and zucchini. Though these foods that are assumed to be zero calories are not going to put you in negative calorie balance, there are many other advantages of eating them. These all are the vegetables and fruits, so they are the great options to add into your diet. They are rich in fiber and have hefty of nutrition punch, that’s why it should be added in your fat burning kitchen. Vegetables and fruits tend to be the nutrient dense, which means that they have relatively less calories when compared to their high nutrient level. Thus they can help you lose weight. They can keep you as fuller as other high calorie foods, but lesser amount of calories but usually a lot more bulk.

To lose weight, begin with adding veggies to your main dishes, snack on the fruits, pile sandwiches with fresh vegetables, and have the fruits in place of fruit after your meal. This way you are not tricking your body into a calorie deficit, however it help you feel fuller and satisfied for longer while still taking fewer calories and getting too much of minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients.

A real zero beverage ensures that you are taking enough of water. Substituting water for the sugar sweetened beverages can help you to save from hundreds of calories.

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