Sick Of Eating Low-Quality Fish? Now You Can Order Seafood Online


If you like fish, then you know that wild-caught is the only way to go. Over recent years, however, the cost of wild-caught seafood has increased dramatically. Due to overfishing, chemical and oil spills, the average fisherman has to work twice as hard to catch fish and therefore has to raise the prices significantly.

Many seafood lovers have resigned themselves to eating their favorite wild-caught salmon or Sablefish only on special occasions when they can afford to splurge on the luxury.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could afford your favorite fish again? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if you could get it delivered to your front door? What if you could do both?

Now you can order seafood online and achieve both.

Why Order Seafood Online?
While buying fish, or any food online may seem a bit odd, ordering seafood online comes with several distinct advantages. To name a few:

-Prices are cheaper
-Your seafood is delivered directly to your door
-You know where you’re getting your food from

Online distributors such as Global Seafoods are able to price their products for cheaper because they don’t have to maintain a physical storefront, and pay all of the associated costs. By cutting out this extra expense, they can afford to sell you high-quality fish at a greatly reduced cost.

Secondly, nobody can argue against the convenience of having fish delivered directly to your doorstep. This means you can skip the rush hour traffic and the long lines at the grocery store on top of saving money.

Thirdly, Global Seafoods is committed to selling the highest-quality fish on the market. They are able to track each shipment to where it was caught at, which means you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal every time.

About Global Seafoods
Global Seafoods was started by Oleg Nikitenko, a man passionate about fish and the fishing community. After running a successful store for over 10 years, he decided that he could no longer compete with the rising costs of wild-caught seafood and maintain his physical store. So he moved online.

Empowering Local Fishers
When you order seafood online from Global Seafoods, you’re supporting a network of local fishermen across the country. Nikitenko uses small, family-owned fisheries in an effort to support small businesses and bring you the best quality fish available.

Educating the Community
Nikitenko wants to share his knowledge of fish with the world and maintains an active blog where he writes daily articles or posts informational videos about fish, how to cook them, and other interesting topics.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Fish
What makes Global Seafoods truly special is their dedication to quality products. They aren’t trying to mass-produce cheap fish for an easy profit. When you order seafood online, you are putting your trust in an unknown entity, and Global Seafoods aims to satisfy 100%.

They only ever sell certified wild-caught seafood that is fished in a responsible and sustainable manner. When you combine a perfect product, an honest business, and affordable prices, it’s no wonder why Global Seafoods has become so popular.

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