Testosterone on a Plate


Manly Man Grubs: Testosterone Served on a Plate

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that plays a crucial role in men’s health, confidence, and happiness. In the animal kingdom, testosterone levels are associated with male dominance and competition for mates. One could argue that it’s not all that different in the human realm. Without testosterone, we would also be missing out on our deep voice, facial and body hair, and muscle mass. So, we would hardly be manly at all.

The factory is closed

Testosterone maintains bone density, muscle mass and sex drive. The testosterone factory works at its full capacity during puberty. Production takes place in the testicles, and in smaller amounts, in women’s ovaries. Testosterone levels in both men and women begin to decline after puberty, however, and this can cause various health issues.

Signs of a diminishing testosterone level are exhaustion, a reduced libido, obesity, and deteriorating mood. On the bright side, there are natural remedies that can help with testosterone problems, and some have been around for ages.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy testosterone level. Dropping those extra pounds is also important. Often, though, it takes more than that.

Crazy science

Testosterone can be replenished the hard way, naturally, through food and healthy living, but for some people, and as we grow older, some people becomes a larger, frailer crowd, safe and sound is too slow. This is why science has provided us with several ways to speed up the testosterone/estrogen balance. Most notably, there is testosterone therapy, something that you need a doctor’s approval of beforehand. Think of it this way: most of us practically live in offices and poorly lit apartments, away from sunlight, barely developing vitamin D the natural way – we should either increase our outdoors time or take extra vitamin D supplements to remain remotely healthy. When the going gets tough and testosterone drops, a little testosterone treatment will keep you up and running for much longer than your peers.

Younger people could be a little overwhelmed by aggressive testosterone treatments, and can settle for a simpler fix testosterone boosting supplements. These easy-to-use potions are popular among the fitness population, men and women alike, for regaining some of that teenage vigor in performance of certain activities. It is less permanent than actual treatment, and more quickly noticable than waiting on your diet to kick in.

A fistful of nuts

When the things go downhill (truthfully, before that as well), it is best to put some testosterone-boosting grubs on the table. Food is your best friend when maintaining a healthy, balanced out organism. However, food today is much less full of nutrients than it used to be. This may not be the first time you hear this, but organic wholesale food is your safest bet that what you serve is what you get. It’s hard to make sure that what you are eating is entirely good for you, and always go organic when you can. On that note, honey is the all-around superhealer, and it is full of the minerals boron and nitric oxide. They are associated with higher levels of testosterone and they open up blood vessels. This is what helps men make magic happen in bed.

Good old, hearthy cabbage is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and reduces estrogen levels, which in turn makes the testosterone in the body more effective. Garlic on the other hand lowers the stress-inducing hormone cortisol. It is best consumed raw if you want to allow testosterone to do its work. Now, spinach won’t work for you the way it does for Popeye, but it is rich in magnesium and vitamins C and E. These are all essential testosterone enhancers.

Fruit is fertile soil for growing testosterone. Who here doesn’t like bananas? They are tasty, sure, but the best thing about them is bromelain enzyme that boosts testosterone. This fruit is also an excellent source of energy, and a wonderful appetizer before romantic conquests. Last but not least, another natural Viagra than opens up blood vessels is watermelon.

Note that a just handful of nuts can supply you with the important mineral zinc. Almonds are great for testosterone, and come with an enhanced libido. But if you want the best source of zinc there is, that would be oysters. If you don’t fancy these strange-looking clams, try out high-quality Swiss cheese instead.

For a few nuts more

As men grow older they face various health issues, including low testosterone. Psychological and physical benefits of boosting this hormone are enormous, and it’s not just about a sex performance. You need to keep the male hormones in check to ensure your overall well-being. Some lifestyle changes are recommended, and so are natural testosterone boosters like bananas and garlic. And being that we live in the 21st century and medicine is practically magic, and the kind that rarely goes wrong. Don’t fear testosterone therapies, and don’t fear the T talk with your GP. Stay buff!

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