UTI infection

If you often suffer from cystitis is wise to investigate this by your doctor. It’s not healthy for you that your bladder is inflamed every time. Later in life you run over an increased risk that you therefore need a stoma (because your bladder is not functioning properly or is too weak).

If the ignition again and again returns after treatment, further research is highly recommended. Sometimes a prolonged antibiotic treatment the solution, especially in men. The bacteria are common in the prostate so that the bladder is constantly fed back to these small micro-organisms which in turn provide an ignition. A course of 30 days, often helps.

Tips to avoid a bladder infection or UTI

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • A simple test to check the assistant to the doctor if you have a urinary tract infection. Through a control strip in place a little urine they see almost immediately what’s going on by looking at the stain on this strip. You have to do a bit of urine in a pot to pee. It may be that a leak is put in culture for further investigation.
  • There are apparent reasons that drinking cranberry juice helps prevent cystitis.
  • Healthy diet can also help prevent urinary tract infections. When your body is in top condition you’re less prone to inflammation.
  • You are more likely to get a UTI if you wash the genital area with soap or shampoo. This is changing the acidity in this area. There is special soap for intimate parts of your body (vaginal cream or shower).
  • Even better is to only wash the private parts with water. Your vaginal exudate is able to keep things clean itself.
  • Wear cotton underwear. Synthetic underwear, you create a kind of hothouse in which the bacteria can multiply easily.
  • Try to keep your uric acid by drinking buttermilk or vitamin C to eat. The acidic urine washes the bacteria away easily.
  • Try to urinate immediately after sex. The bacteria are scattered after the lovemaking again flushed from the urethra.
  • Always try to urinate sitting with your legs apart and your torso upright with a slight hollow back. This also applies to men. After urinating, the man can just push just behind the scrotum to control the last bit of urine into the urethra. Allow to drip out, and is ready to go.

Have you ever suffered from a bladder infection? Or urinary tract infection? Share leave below your experience with other readers through a reaction. A gain optimum health not only do we do this together.