Future Planning – How to Pick The Right Aged Care Package For Your Loved One


Deciding to put your loved one in the hands of an aged care facility is never easy.

Eventually, they will need care that you are not able to provide, and it’s at this difficult and crucial time that you will not only need more info on the various packages available to you and your relative, but you will also need help recognising which is the right choice for your loved one.

As this process can be confusing, we’ve put together a short article on how to pick the right aged care package for your loved one in the hopes that it will help lessen the difficult nature of this decision.


First up is the location of the facility.

Ideally, the facility you choose will be close to you, to allow for more regular visits from you and friends of your loved one. However, it should be noted that proximity doesn’t always equate to quality, and the combination of the two should be the point you aim for.


The cost of the facility also needs to be considered, as neither you nor your loved one wants you to be spending away your life savings on a fancier facility than is necessary. Yes, some places offer unlimited free usage of a hot mineral spa, but how likely is your relative to use these facilities, and do these add significant cost to the bottom line for you? Do your research into the associated costs of living at each place, and don’t be afraid to ask why something costs so much if it seems unusual.

Relative Happiness

Finally, the most important factor in this decision is the happiness of your loved one.

You don’t want to stick them in an unprofessional, cramped, depressing building for the remainder of their days, and their quality of life could dramatically increase based on where you decide is best for them. Take them with you to inspect some places, make sure they are an integral part of the decision-making process, as it’s their future home you’re looking for.

With these tips, finding the right place for your elderly relative should prove to be a lot less difficult, and while the process itself might be hard, the result can often be a happier, healthier loved one living substantially more independently than they otherwise would have.

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