10 Health Healing Benefits Associated with Himalayan Salt Lamps Color Therapy

10 Health Healing Benefits Associated with Himalayan Salt Lamps Color Therapy


If you’ve come across a set of authentic Himalayan salt lamps before, you have to know that they make for great décor elements indoors. They are not only unique with an aesthetic touch to them but are also remarkably beneficial. However, you might be surprised to know that these salt lamps offer more benefits besides aesthetics. As a matter of fact, Himalayan salt rock lamps are common in spas for several therapeutic reasons. These lamps harness the power of color to naturally heal the body. If you are considering purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp for your space, it will definitely be some well-spent dollars. We’ve rounded up some of the benefits you get from these amazing lamps. However, before that, here are some basics.

Himalayan salt lamps are the best organic decorative item

A Himalayan salt lamp is a creative home décor lighting and therapeutic product made from the crystals of Himalayan salt. Ideally, the lamp consists of a hand-carved block of salt with a bulb placed inside it. Expectedly, this is no ordinary lamp. Sure, it emits light and lights up your space but its benefits go beyond lighting. The heat emitted by the light bulb delivers the positive effects of salt therapy. However, the reason homeowners love Himalayan salt lamps a great deal is because of its lovely glow. The inviting pink glow has been said to stimulate intense feelings of relaxation among other benefits.

Pink Himalayan salt is mined by the edges of the Asian Himalayan Mountains, particularly the Khewra Salt Mine located in Pakistan. Archeologists believe that the pink color of the salt crystals is due to an abundance of minerals. The salt mines are thought to have existed for millions of years and contain plenty of useful minerals.

How do salt lamps work in any environment?

Scientifically, salt is considered hygroscopic. What’s this mean? Is that it a natural ionizer with the ability to pull water molecules from the atmosphere? You might not know it but water molecules lurk around your interiors round the clock. Under normal circumstances, these molecules would pose no danger but in reality, they are a beehive of allergen activity. They make up for great hosts for pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, and a plethora of other allergens.

By attracting water molecules, a Himalayan salt lamp can eliminate all pollutants and contaminants from your space. As a result, they can be used for detoxification purposes. Once they hold onto the water molecules, they give the bulb a chance to retain the contaminants and allow the water vapor back into the air.

Besides the hygroscopic benefits, a Himalayan salt lamp consists of negative ions that are released to the environment when the lamp is on. These ions tend to cause a wonderful euphoric feeling – much like the feeling you get when you take a tour in nature. Like nature’s ability to heal, a Himalayan salt crystal lamp offers healing benefits to the mind, soul, and body. The negative ions produced by these creative lamps help avert the ever-looming electromagnetic radiation from phones, TVs, and other electrical appliances.

What’s the deal with color therapy?

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, has been used for thousands of years to heal the body. When the human body absorbs color, energy is transmitted via the central nervous system to the area of focus. The hypothalamus gland, located in the brain, is responsible for the production of serotonin hormone. Light energy stimulates the gland to release the hormone. The serotonin, in turn, travels to the pineal gland where it stimulates the production of melatonin. According to biology, both serotonin and melatonin control our bodies in more ways than one. Using a Himalayan salt lamp is a perfect strategy used to bring back harmony and balance in the body.

Although Himalayan salt crystals are pink, lamps made from the salt come in light bulbs of different colors. You can choose from red, orange, green, yellow, indigo, violet, and blue colors.

Benefits of color therapy from a Himalayan salt lamp

Homeowners can alleviate plenty of diseases and conditions just by using pure Himalayan salt lamps. This is because they offer the following benefits:

  1. Improved sleep

If you or your loved one suffer from sleep disturbances, using a Himalayan salt lamp at home might bring several benefits in averting the condition. Dull orange, as a color, has been profoundly reported to have calming and relaxation abilities. It soothes the brain and distressed it. Additionally, the negative ions emitted by Himalayan salt crystals lamps enhance the oxygen and blood supply to your brain. Your brain needs these two elements to aid in better sleep.

  1. Stress reduction

Himalayan salt lamps are common in treatment clinics majorly because they reduce stress among patients. Patients suffering from arthritis, asthma, depression, and migraines should exist is a stress-free environment. A Himalayan salt lamp emits gentle light in blue, yellow, ambient orange and red hues. These colors help to fight stress and promote relaxation. The serene light is believed to promote healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

  1. Treatment of respiratory issues

In chromotherapy, the orange color is capable of treating a wide range of respiratory ailments. A Himalayan best salt lamps emitting an orange (Sacral Chakra) color can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and emphysema. Alongside color therapy, a lamp made from pink Himalayan salt eliminates pollutants from the air and ultimately out of the lungs.

  1. Stimulating properties

Himalayan salt lamps also have stimulating properties. A bright yellow-colored Himalayan salt lamp can help in stimulating and energizing the nerves and muscles. It is thus important in the treatment of muscle disorders, paralysis, and the building of the nerves.

  1. Improves memory

Color therapy is also useful in enhancing the intelligence of the brain. If you want to make your ability to memorize things better for long periods, a green Himalayan salt lamp is up to your alley. It is an effective strategy for dull students.

  1. Mood enhancement

The sixth benefit of a Himalayan salt lamp is; it can enhance your mood in more ways than one. Having one that emits pink light can stimulate feelings of love and good emotions. It does this by promoting a healthy production of serotonin and tryptophan hormones that cause an antidepressant effect in the body.  It can instantly uplift your soul when you have a bad mood.

  1. Increased energy levels

This is somewhat tied to number 6 above but it a benefit of its own. If you want to increase your energy levels, light up a Himalayan salt lamp in your space. Both the light and ions emitted can pump some energy into your body.

  1. Reduced anxiety

A violet light emitted by a Himalayan salt lamp is also excellent for mind relaxation. It releases energy that travels to the psychic parts of the brain, stimulating it and promoting mental stability. If you suffer from anxiety, but the prescription drugs aside and try the magic of color therapy via Himalayan salt Himalayan crystal salt lamps for once.

  1. Inspires productivity

A pink Himalayan salt lamp discharges a soothing glow to any space. People who want to achieve specific tasks find light useful in boosting their productivity. If you want to improve your atmosphere and inspire creativity and productivity, a Himalayan salt lamp could the ideal solution.

  1. Improved alimentary tract health

Finally, lamps made from Himalayan pink salt rocks can be useful in energizing the alimentary tract among other parts of the body. Yellow is known to stimulate digestion and enhance the better flow of gastric and bile juices. It also improves the lymphatic system, eyes, heart, ears, and pancreas. Generally, it stimulates almost all bodily functions to save for those of the spleen.

Himalayan salt rock lamps not only look attractive but they deliver a myriad of other benefits as well. Alongside purification and detoxification of the atmosphere, it can heal the body in several ways. If you constantly suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, respiratory problems, low energy levels, and other aforementioned issues, place your order pronto. Your body will thank you for it for years to come!

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