Healthy Wealthy and Wise: Tips that help you Manage Stress


Stress is a normal part of life. In moderation stress can be a good thing. It warns people of danger, it gives them a sense of urgency, and it moves them to do things they would not otherwise do. However, the constant onslaught of stress that people feel today as a result of financial difficulties, health challenges, family responsibilities, and workplace drama is not healthy. Excessive stress has been connected to a series of physical elements including high blood pressure, respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular issues, and oral health problems. What is surprising for many to learn is that they have more control over the stress in their life than they realize.

Ways to Identify Sources of Stress

There is a saying that stress is caused by lack of action. In order to act on stress one must first identify the source of their stress and then act to remove it. For example, let’s say a person is stressed because they do not have enough money to pay their bills. They’ve identified the problem. Now they need to take action. They may choose to go to school and earn a bachelor of radiation science and get a job in the medical field.

Taking this route alleviates stress because it is estimated that there are 80,000 predicted jobs in this field, so it is likely that when a person finishes school, they will find work, get paid more, and their stress will begin to go away. They’ve taken action. Additionally, they are doing something to keep themselves busy. They will not have time to sit and worry about stressful situations, but instead they can dedicate their energy to making things better.

Understanding Stress Management

Everyone reacts to stress in a different way, so there is no universal stress management technique that works for everyone. However, when a person feels over stressed, they feel as if they have no control over their life. Stress management involves using techniques to prevent stress from spinning out of control. Stress management teaches individuals that they have the ability to change stressful situations or change the way they react to situations that are outside of their control. Stress management encourages people to make time in their schedule for rest, relaxation, and meditation. It highlights the importance of identifying sources of stress and removing them if possible.

It is impossible to live a life that is completely devoid of stress. In small doses stress can be a good thing. However, when stress gets overwhelming, identifying the sources of stress and learning stress management techniques can help a person get their stress under control and live a happy, fruitful life.

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