Potential Causes Behind your Heavy and Achy Legs


Today, almost everyone complains of heavy and achy legs, especially after gym or games. People with deprived nutrition and obesity are prone to this health issue. Females have a high risk of tired, stiff and heavy legs during pregnancy and after their 40s. Additionally, people, whose job required a long time standing, sitting or walking are commonly restless due to heavy and achy legs. Potential causes and symptoms of painful legs vary from person to person and depend on their physical activity. Right diagnosis and treatment are the only ways to get relief from this issue. You can guide yourself about this problem with the help of the information provided in this article.     

What are the common symptoms of stiff achy legs?

When you feel sudden sharp pain in your legs especially after any physical workout, it is definitely a symptom of having achy and heavy legs. Heavy legs symptoms may change for every patient but the most common symptoms important for diagnosis are:

  • Tired, achy, stiff legs
  • Frequent cramps
  • Swelling on the affected area
  • Pale or blue color
  • Coldness and burning legs
  • Spider veins
  • Tender pain in legs

If you have these symptoms and hard to walk or stand, immediately consult a doctor and take medicine accordingly.

 What Would be the cause of Heavy Achy Legs?  

Heavy achy legs can be caused by numerous reasons. Here are the most typical causes of having achy and heavy legs:

Varicose Veins

Due to obesity, lack of physical activity, hormonal changes, pregnancy, aging and family history, veins become expanded less elastic and weak. These make blood circulation a bit harder and the patient feels pain in their legs. In severe condition resulted in swelling and sore skin.

Over or Under Physical Activity

Too much or too little physical activity, both result in weak and lethargic muscles. Consequently, you have pain in your legs. Always use your legs within its limits to avoid any kind of stress, strain or injury and after each workout or physical activity give your legs and body plenty of rest time to heal any kind of strain

Peripheral Arterial Disease Leads to Pain in Legs

Patient of high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, and high blood pressure have the peripheral arterial disease in which due to fatty deposits, arteries become thin and narrow down the blood circulation. Thus, without smooth and sufficient blood flow, patient complain of tired and achy legs narrowing.

Contraction of Spinal Column

Contraction of the spinal column which is Lumbar spinal stenosis disorder, in which contraction of vertebrae and disc squeeze the spinal canal, result in back pain along with achy heavy legs.

Restless Legs

People having fibromyalgia condition, are more prone to restless legs. Smoking, excessive drinking, pregnancy and brain diseases also cause restless legs. It is actually a condition in which patients feel throbbing, aching and crawling kind of feeling in their legs.

Obesity and Pregnancy

Overweight always put extra pressure or stress on muscles and joints which definably cause pain in legs. During pregnancy because of weight gain and hormonal changes, many ladies experience heavy and achy legs.


When potassium level falls down from its limit in your body, it responded in the way of fatigue, weakness, and cramps in legs or body. This is known as hypokalemia.

  Remedies to get relief from painful legs

  • Take a balanced diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and laziness
  • Take rest
  • Control your weight
  • Use compression stocking
  • Do exercises with the consultation of your instructor
  • Give a daily message to your body especially legs
  • Take a warm foot or body bath
  • Control your diet

With little effort and care you can get relief from sore heavy legs but if it prevails for a long time then immediately consult your doctor and take medicine.