Hemp in the UK

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Hemp in the UK
Hemp in the UK


Now Hemp is the fastest growing plant in Europe. It is the strain of plant Cannabis Sativa which has been used in different medicinal purposes. Cannabis Sativa is an herbaceous plant that is used as a source of drugs, fibers, oil, in the paper industry, etc. Its derived products are of good industrial use. Hemp is actually the derivative of Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis which is used as a drug is also the derivative of species Cannabis Sativa. Both Hemp and Cannabis contain amounts of Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a psychoactive compound while Cannabidiols have a lot of therapeutic and medicinal uses. The difference between Hemp and Cannabis (which is used as a drug) is in the quantities of THC and Cannabidiols. In Hemp, the quantities of Cannabidiols are greater than THC while in Cannabis, the quantities of THC are higher than Cannabidiols. THC is a psychoactive compound therefore cannabis is considered as a drug. Sometimes, the Cannabidiols also contain amounts of THC, but they are less. The Cannabidiols having 0.2% or fewer amounts of THC are usually allowed. So, the Hemp in the UK which contains very fewer amounts of THC is allowed to grow.

The Hemp cultivation in UK

Hemp is now growing on large levels for industrial use but under certifications. Hemp in the UK is allowed to grow only after permission and getting a special certificate. There are special rules in the UK presented by Home office under the act, “Misuse of Drugs Act 1971”. The Hemp which is grown there is considered as Industrial Hemp, and non-drug Hemp. The most common product of this Hemp is Fiber, but it is most importantly used to dilute Cannabidiol to make CBD oil. The Hemp oil is extracted from Industrial Hemp and then Cannabidiol is also extracted from this industrial Hemp. Then, Cannabidiol is diluted in this Hemp oil. The Hemp in the UK is a big industry because industrial Hemp is used in different products like it is used as fiber as well as its oil is extracted for medicinal and nutritional purposes.

CBD oil in UK

The Cannabidiol or CBD oil is the Cannabidiol diluted in Hemp oil which has high medicinal and therapeutic value. The high therapeutic value of CBD oil makes it important as the extract of Hemp and Cannabis Sativa. The cure for many mental diseases is hidden in CBD oil. Due to its importance as a medicinal drug, CBD is made legal in the UK. The growth of Hemp is also allowed due to its importance in many products. According to medical science, the most important use of Hemp is the dilution of Cannabidiol in its oil. There are about 100 Cannabidiols in Cannabis Sativa and all of them are important. The extraction of Cannabidiol is legal when it has low amounts of THC because THC is a psychoactive agent and responsible for drug abuse. To avoid this drug abuse, high values of THC are banned. The restrictions on THC don’t affect the value of CBD oil because CBD has usually fewer values of THC.

Medicinal uses of Hemp and CBD oil

The Hemp is the cultivar of Cannabis Sativa, having high medicinal values due to the presence of Cannabidiol. Although Hemp is the cultivar of Cannabis Sativa which contains high levels of THC, Hemp has low levels of THC, usually 0.2% to 0.3%. These minor levels make it safe for medicinal purposes. Cannabidiol diluted in Hemp oil makes CBD oil which has evidence to treat the following diseases:

  • Parkinson Disease
  • Low blood pressure problem
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Severe Pains
  • Chronic Diarrhea etc.

These are just examples, in reality, the medicinal use of Hemp in UK and CBD oil is vast.

The legality

As mentioned before, CBD oil has high therapeutic value, by keeping its uses in the scenario; European Governments have allowed the cultivation of Hemp and usage of CBD oil. So, now in many countries, this Hemp growth and cultivation, as well as the use of CBD oil and its extraction, are allowed. Under certain rules and regulations, the use, buying, and selling of CBD oil and hemp are totally allowed. But, one must keep in mind that the levels of THC should below, as the allowed, limit.

For buyers; one must check the ingredients and level of THC in CBD oil before buying. No one will be responsible for legal action against the high doses of THC except the user. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the product’s legality before buying.

For sellers; if authorities find that the seller is selling CBD oil with the high quantity of THC, they are allowed to take legal action. One must read the rules and regulations presented by higher authorities and food authority, before selling Hemp in the UK or CBD oil.

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