High-Tech Teeth – 5 Ways Your Smile Can Benefit From The Latest Technology in Dentistry


If you haven’t made a trip to see your dentist lately, you may be thinking that not much had changed in the last twenty years. But the dental industry is advancing rapidly, with new treatments making cleaning, repairs and cosmetic work quicker, less painful, and more affordable all the time. Here are just a few of the latest developments to give you a brighter smile:

Dental Veneers

We all long for the perfect smile, and more and more people are investing in cosmetic dentistry to ensure that they have one. While some people choose teeth whitening, veneers are increasingly becoming patients first choice to correct small imperfections such as chips or crooked teeth while simultaneously ensuring teeth are pearly white. When you invest in the best quality dental veneers, very little prep is required, which minimizes the damage to your enamel. The porcelain used is much stronger and thinner than ever before, giving a long-lasting and realistic perfect smile.

Dental Services over the Internet

You may have heard about telehealth services, where you can consult with a doctor via the internet, but have you heard of teledentistry? For people living in remote locations, without easy access to a dentist, or those with reduced mobility, teledentistry would allow them to book a consultation online via live video chat. The patient may send through digital images or x-rays to assist with the diagnosis. Alternatively, a local dentist may consult with a specialist online so they can provide more precise treatment for a complex issue.

Smart Toothbrushes

You have a smartphone, a smartwatch, and a smart wireless speaker system. What about a smart toothbrush? Imagine if your toothbrush had hidden sensors that could monitor the way that you brush your teeth and help you to correct your technique. Research has found that only 50% of people brush their teeth the recommended twice daily, and 43.5% of people don’t brush for the recommended two-minute minimum. The consequences of not cleaning your teeth are pretty dire, with the potential for bad breath, bone loss, and gum disease. Scientists have also found links between poor dental hygiene and diabetes and heart disease, so a smart toothbrush is a sensible investment!

Intra-oral Cameras

The human mouth is a relatively small and awkward place to access, which may be why so many of us find going to the dentist an uncomfortable experience. Saying “ahhhh” can get tiring if you are having a lengthy procedure or even a routine clean. The introduction of intra-oral cameras, which attach to a dental mirror, will give dentists a clear view of the inside of your mouth via a screen without needing to peer and prod around.

Microscopic Teeth Cleaning Robots

Teeth cleaning robots might sound like science fiction, but researchers at Penn State University are investigating the use of microbotics to remove bacteria from people’s teeth. Miniscule robots would attack and clean up bacterial biofilms as they moved around, and would be able to access tiny holes or cavities. There is no word on when this kind of technology would be available to the public, but with the field of microbotics advancing at an exponential pace, it may be sooner than you think!

If you have been feeling self-conscious about your smile, then it might be time to book an appointment with your dentist and ask him about the latest technological advancements. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your smile.

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