Best Herbal Remedies to increase your Weight


Remedies to increase your Weight

Skinny people always wish to improve their physical body structure by gaining weight. However, many people discuss about remedies that help reduce weight and the importance of weight reduction. Gaining weight is not considered as an issue when compared to weight loss. However, underweight might be a serious problem which is often neglected and people who wish to gain weight naturally can try these herbal remedies.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has many essential properties necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Besides helping you increase weight naturally, Aloe Vera can be used to improve your skin complexion, reduce skin problems such as acne, pimples etc. It acts a tonic in improving the functioning of circulatory system. It helps improving digestion process by inducing saliva in mouth thereby making you feel hungry. It even adds fats and lipids to the tissues in your body.


It is an ayurvedic herb that helps increase weight. It is also an effective remedy used to cure cough, cold and also acts as a nutrition supplement. Yashitmadhu herb can be consumed daily and proper diet should be followed as well. This remedy when practiced daily can help gain weight.


Ginger is an effective herbal remedy that can help you in gaining weight. Shogaols, an essential oil in ginger is the major constituent of ginger and the chemical in ginger is called as gingerols. Ginger is considered as a digestive stimulant and it also creates a carminative effect which treats problems like stomach ache, poor appetite etc. It can be used as a circulatory tonic which produces heat in stomach thereby making you feel hungry.

Chen Pi:

It is a digestive stimulant with some mild relaxant properties as well. It is a Chinese medicinal herb which is known as “aged peel “in English. Chen Pi when consumed daily can help improve gastric secretion. It also works to stimulate appetite as well. Hesperidin, the chief constituent of Chen Pi, is the bitter flavonoid which helps gain weight.


Aswagandha, which is fondly known as “Indian Ginseng” has several benefits. It is helpful in curing several health ailments such as stress, fatigue, pain etc. Aswagandha, when consumed daily along with a proper high calorie diet can help in gaining weight.

Dandelion root:

Dandelion root is used as an effective remedy to cure dyspepsia, poor appetite, gall stones and constipation. It also acts as a digestive stimulant. A tonic prepared from dandelion root is bitter in taste which is used to strengthen fat tissues in human body and the abundant availability of polysaturated acids in dandelion root can help gain weight.

All the above mentioned herbal remedies are proven to increase weight. However, it is essential to consult an ayurvedic doctor who can suggest you with the essential supplements necessary to gain weight, prescribe the quantity of these medicinal herbs that can be consumed per day and suggest you the right ones that suits your body. Remember, prescribed intake of these medicinal herbs can show positive results of weight gain.

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