Herbal Remedies to Cure Sinus Infection

Sinus infection involves congestion and a lot of discomfort. It prevents the drainage of mucus from sinuses thereby causing severe pain and pressure in face. Sinus infections develop due to bacteria, fungi and viruses. It might turn into a chronic disease, if proper treatment is not followed. There are several treatments which can help cure sinus infections. However, they might have some side effects. This is the reason why people now prefer to follow herbal remedies to cure sinusitis or sinus infections. You can get these herbal medicines at any pharmacy, but it is essential to consult your doctor and intake the prescribed quantity of that particular herbal medicine regularly.


Peppermint is an effective herb which helps cure sinus infections. Peppermint is known for its anti inflammatory properties. It provides soothing effect to the inflamed membrane of sinus. It also acts as an effective decongestant which helps thin the mucus and thereby unblocking sinus. To get an instant relief from sinus infections, add peppermint oil to the steam vaporizer or add few peppermint leaves to it. You can inhale the vapors or apply it over your forehead.


Nettle is a powerful herbal remedy which can help cure sinus infections. The leaves, flowers and roots of nettle contain certain components which are helpful in making several herbal supplements that can cure sinus infections.


This is another effective remedy which can provide relief from sinus infections. Add eucalyptus leaves in steam vaporizer and inhale its vapors which can help clear the nasal blockage. You can also use eucalyptus oil to soothe nasal passage. Sinus infections might cause swellings and eucalyptus is an effective remedy to treat this symptom. You can also prepare herbal tea using eucalyptus leaves. Take few eucalyptus leaves and put them in boiling water. Strain the solution and add few drops of honey to it. This remedy can help provide relief from sore throat which is a symptom of sinus infections.


Licorice is a wonderful herb which helps treat sinus infections. Licorice is an anti-oxidant herb. Prepare licorice herbal tea and add honey to make it little sweet. Drink this herbal tea twice a day to see visible results. This is also available in the form of a pill and you can consume a prescribed quantity of this medicine after consulting your doctor. This is an effective way to reduce sinusitis and provide relief from swellings as well.

Ginger root:

Ginger root is being used since ancient days to cure several diseases such as sinus infections, sore throat etc. Crush ginger root and apply it to reduce discomfort caused due to sinus infections.


This is yet another powerful herb which helps treat sinus infections. Echinacea herb can help enhance immune systems and helps fight against sinusitis. It is an effective pain reliever and can help the patient to recover soon. This herb is available as a pill or you can also drink it as herbal tea.

Neti pots and other nasal irrigation systems are used with sterile water or saline solution to treat congested sinuses, colds and allergies. They can also help moisten nasal passages dried out by indoor air.