Natural Gas Remedies


Natural Gas Remedies

A large number of people experience the annoying and embarrassing condition of intestinal gas on a regular basis. Perhaps, one of the main health concerns that plague human beings all around the globe is gas and bloating. According to estimates, a normal person expels gas about 14 times on a daily basis. This is about 4 pints of air. However, even though these statistics are normal, they are definitely not a sign of health. Nonetheless, taking medications is not a popular method of dealing with gas and bloating. The most effective and simple way of eliminating gas is via natural gas remedies that are safe, beneficial and free of side effects.

Here are some of the popular natural remedies that can be used:

Organic Ginger

Two of the best remedies for gas are eating fresh ginger root and drinking ginger tea. Gas relief can also be gained by having a tea spoon of the fresh grated ginger prior to having a meal.

Organic Caraway Seeds

Cramping, indigestion and gas can be treated with the help of caraway seeds and they can also stimulate proper digestion. When eating foods that are known to cause gas, it is recommended that people add a little bit of spice to their meals.

Organic Garlic

Another great natural remedy for gas is organic garlic and people usually have a jar of this hot bulb in their kitchen on a normal basis. Nonetheless, it is recommended that this spice be taken fresh for getting the best results.

Organic Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is a common weed that has numerous health benefits, one of which is alleviating gas. It can be added as a dried spice to meals or can also be taken in tea form.

Organic Parsley

A very useful remedy for gas includes adding fresh parsley to your diet. Parsley can be added to foods that are known to be the culprits of intestinal gas and can be used as a dried or freshly minced spice.

Activated Charcoal

An intense absorption capacity is possessed by charcoal. A charcoal supplement can be taken before eating and it can relieve bloating and gas even before it has started.

Proper Eating Habits

Foods that are known to cause indigestion and gas should be avoided. This includes processed foods, fried foods and other processed forms of sugar. Sensitivities to common foods that give rise to gas such as milk, wheat products and high-fat products should also be explored. Cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, beans, potatoes, onions, broccoli, apples, ice cream, peaches, oats, most dairy products, pears, corn and prunes are some other food items that can also lead to gas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Gas problem can also be relieved with this ingredient that’s often used for dealing with indigestion. Take a glass of warm water and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink the water when it has reached room temperature. Gas problem will be relieved instantly.

These natural remedies work wonders for countering any gas issues and can provide great results quickly.

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