Select the Perfect Neurological Bobath Tables that meet your needs


You must have often heard about the term bobath in, if you have ever undergone or had to deal with physiotherapy treatment. It is a widely accepted approach for neurological rehabilitation that is applied to patients suffering from major neurological issues.

  • But for every form of treatment, there are certain tools which are compulsory to obtain prior to starting the process. Similarly, the neurological bobath tables are one such important and must have device for neurological treatment.
  • These tables are designed to treat the patients with neurological conditions. They offer a perfect height allowing the concerned healthcare provider or physician to reach to their patients with ease and convenience.
  • This type of treatment area does not merely increase the accessibility and convenience of the physiotherapists but it also enhances the access of the patients who are on wheelchair or those who have problems in mobilityneurological bobath tables

Purpose of using neurological bobath tables:

The neurological bobath tables are getting popular nowadays due to their high quality performance. They are mostly used in the departments of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The sole purpose of these tables is to offer enough convenience and ease to both the patients and the therapists. They allow the performance of various exercises and treatment techniques. In addition, different adjustments help to keep the patients in such a position and posture which is ideal for the patient to receive the treatment or therapy properly. Such ideal position also helps the healthcare providers to diagnose the patient accurately, to give excellent treatment.

Striking features of neurological bobath tables:

The practitioners cannot alleviate your pain or physical discomfort if they do not get the required ease for practicing their skills. They may get irritated or badly injured if they need to stretch themselves excessively.

  • So, the neurological bobath tables are a boon for these practitioners. These tables are equipped with several modern features that serve multifarious purposes effortlessly.
  • For instance, the electric height adjustment feature of these tables requires a second to set with the aid of different buttons. This fascinating feature reduces the back strain of the practitioners.
  • In addition to it, you can find out several other positive benefits if you can get hold of the best model.

Some important features of neurological bobath tables are:

  • Electric head adjustment and enhanced rigidity
  • Life time warranty for the structure, and for the electrics
  • Rust resistant frame, massive upholstered tops, CFC free foam and high quality lockable castors
  • Durable power coating on the table, electric foot switch, jerk resistant feature and anti-microbial vinyl.

In today’s market, you can get a lot of variants for your neurological bobath tables that make them stand apart from the rest. These tables can be found in various types from completely automated ones to hand operated ones.

Vital things to check while choosing neurological bobath tables:

Without any doubt, neurological bobath tables offer a host of services for the patients experiencing neurological condition. They can get enormous comfort while undergoing their treatment. But to acquire maximum output of these tables, they need to be selected properly. There are various factors which you cannot ignore while buying a new bobath table. The practitioners need to know the strength and capacity of the tables before they position their patients. A few important factors to check are:

  • Working height range
  • Working load capacity
  • Frame
  • Table length
  • Footswitch
  • Table width
  • Castors
  • Cushioning
  • Upholstery
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Company

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to select neurological bobath tables on the basis of the above mentioned parameters. You can even get your desired items on numerous online portals.

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