Top 5 Tomato Health Benefits


Tomato, is it a fruit, is it a vegetable? Does it really matter? What is indisputable is the fact that, tomatoes are versatile, and make the top list of ingredients in most cuisines. There is hardly a kitchen that will miss this most delicious of ingredients.
Tomato health benefits have been cited in study after study and for this reason; tomatoes are the most popular ingredient you will come across.

1. Tomatoes for Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a top killer in the world. Doctors recommend that to prevent cancer, you should increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes have been specifically cited as being rich in nutrients that fight the growth and development of cancer.
Lycopene, which is the nutrient that gives it the tomato its distinctive red color, has been isolated for its tremendous cancer-fighting capacity.
Furthermore, tomatoes are also rich in vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins help in fighting the growth of free radicals in the body. These free radicals are responsible for the growth of cancer cells. By consuming foods that inhibit the free spread of free radicals, you minimize chances of developing cancer. This definitely is one of the top tomato health benefits.

2. Tomatoes for a Healthy Heart

Regular consumption of tomatoes has long been associated with a healthy heart. Studies have proved this to be factual. But how so? In brief, tomatoes have a huge concentration of vitamins A, C and E.
They also have lycopene and folic acids, nutrients with immense health benefits. The presence of these nutrients helps in fighting bad cholesterol.Bad cholesterol is responsible for clogging and rupturing of arteries which cause heart attacks. If you take tomatoes regularly, you are likely to minimize the concentration of this bad cholesterol. This is one of the top tomato health benefits.
Furthermore, tomatoes are excellent in regulating blood pressure for a healthy heart. The presence of phosphorous and calcium together with the wonderful lycopene all work to ensure that both the diastolic and systolic pressure remains within the recommended levels.

3. Skin Benefits of Squashy Red Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in fiber. They are rich in vitamin A, and vitamin K and proteins that are responsible for glowing skin. Moreover, the lycopene nutrient found in tomatoes is helpful as an anti-oxidant. It helps to flush out the free radicals found in the body and enables you to maintain a glossy healthy skin.Tomatoes also improve collagen levels in the skin and are responsible for reversing the effects of skin aging.
Taken consistently, they also have an overall positive effect on the skin. They are known to have a cooling and firming effect on the skin. The high concentration of Vitamin C helps revive dull and tired skin as well as fight acne.
Generally, you can use tomatoes as a cleanser, as sunscreen, to reduce big pores on the skin, to fight acne, and to firm saggy skin. What else would you ask for? You certainly stand to gain from these tomato health benefits.

4. Tomatoes that fight Diabetes

One of the most debilitating lifestyle diseases of today is diabetes; specifically, type 2 diabetes. For diabetics, blood sugar levels must be controlled to recommended amounts. Those suffering from diabetes require proper whole food diets to maintain healthy glucose levels.
Tomatoes have very low carbohydrate content, a fact that enables them to play a vital role in the regulation of blood sugar. This fact also helps reduce intake of calories thus helping diabetics to fight weight gain. Furthermore, because tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, they help regulate the oxidative balance in the body. This helps fight adult diabetes.

5. Tomatoes for Bright Vision

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say. To keep your eyes healthy then is a prerogative for anyone who wants a healthy soul. Consumption of tomatoes will greatly help in this endeavor.
They are rich in vitamin A, which help the retina to function well. Vitamin A is vital for the detection of light and transmission of visual information to the brain.
If Vitamin A is inefficient, it can lead to a number of visual complications and ultimately blindness. Therefore, consumption of tomatoes is important in checking this malady.

What makes Tomatoes so Popular?

Is it the round cute-looking shapes or sizes of tomatoes? Or is it their widely acclaimed health benefits? The reasons are many and varied. What is certain is that it is one vegetable that has almost all the nutritional values you would need from. You can grow it in your backyard and enjoy all its benefits.
Let us break down some of the tomato health benefits that have them flying them off the shelf and into your meals.


We cannot exhaust all tomato health benefits. There are just too many to say. What is known for a fact is that regular consumption of tomatoes will aid your overall health. Every organ and system in the body benefit from the consumption of tomatoes from one way or another.
So ensure you continue consuming tomatoes, whether cooked or raw, whether sliced or pureed. Your body will thank you for it.

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