As you begin to age, you might wonder if you can continue to live independently because many of your friends can’t. However, there are important ways to maintain your independence so that you don’t need to live in a nursing home. Use these methods to stay independent longer.

Eat a Healthy Diet Each Day

To maintain your health, you should consume a nutritious diet each day. While cooking meals for one person may seem like a challenge, if you cook too much, then freeze or refrigerate leftovers to eat the next day. In addition, you can make a meal by eating raw vegetables or fruits rather than spending several hours in the kitchen. You can also buy a microwave oven or slow cooker to prepare food.

Keep Busy after You Retire from a Job

Staying busy after you retire from a job is an excellent way to remain healthy mentally and physically. Prepare a written list of all of your interests so that you can become involved in social groups or hobbies rather than watching television all of the time. Contact the nearest colleges to learn if you can enroll in classes for free after retiring from your job. You can also volunteer in places such as schools, hospitals or libraries.

Have an Exercise Routine Several Times Each Week

Retirement is a great time to begin a new exercise routine to increase your muscle strength, lose weight or maintain your bones. You can join a local gym to have access to expensive equipment such as elliptical machines, stationary bicycles or treadmills. If you have always wanted to learn about yoga or dancing, then look for a class that has an expert teacher.

Hire a Caregiver to Help You in Your Own Home

When there are tasks that you can’t perform on your own after an injury or illness, you don’t need to move out of your home because there are home care assistance services available. A nursing assistant or home health aide can visit your home each day or several times a week to help you prepare meals, bathe or clean your house.

Use Your Cognitive Abilities as Much as Possible

There is scientific research that reveals that reading will stimulate the neurons in your brain to help prevent dementia, so you can read a book from your public library to maintain your cognitive functions. At the same time, you can work on crossword puzzles and word searches to exercise your brain.

Update Your Home

If you are having problems with mobility inside your home, then simply make a few changes such as adding handrails to the bathtub, installing slip-resistant flooring or buying more light fixtures.