A latex mattress will actually require an immense amount of latex sap to manufacture the latex mattress. The latex sap can be tapped without harming the tree since the tree that produces the latex sap can be severally harvested. When the latex milk have been harvested the next step is to process them into comfortable foam mattress block which can actually be used to make the latex pillow and also the latex mattress. The harvested liquid latex sap will be first mixed with a small proportion of materials which actually plays a role in ensuring that the liquid solidifies.

Latex matrix

There are two famous ways of manufacturing latex mattress. They include;

  • Talalay method
  • Dunlop method

Let’s consider each an every method independently

Talalay method

This is the newest method that will actually yield the most amazing kind of latex mattress and the latex pillow! The texture of the latex mattress that you get is a little bit different. The steps are;

  • The liquid formulation that was harvested from the sap of the tree is transferred into a shapes mould and closely sealed
  • A vacuum is then applied to allow the dispersion of the latex evenly throughout the mould
  • It’s the flash frozen then flash heated for a permanent solidification
  • When it has permanently solidified, it’s cooled and the latex mattress is ready for use.

It’s important to note that the latex mattress that you get is the result of the smaller blocks of the latex mattresses that are glued together since the process cannot really produce very large blocks!

Dunlop method

This method is actually straight forward and will actually yield a good-quality latex mattress!

  • The liquid formulation is first mixed well to produce the best foam
  • The foamed liquid is then transferred into a mould shape or a conveyor
  • The next step is tops the liquid into a special oven that will actually solidify the foam in the mould
  •  The next step is to pass t through the cleaning station where the unused a latex and foam are washed.
  • The final stage is to dry the foam block using the hot air. The foam mattress is actually ready for use.
Latex form
Latex mattress

Is latex foam enough?

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The latex mattress has been certified by a wide number of independent organizations. It’s the quality of the product that has really earned it this amazing kind of reputation and you really need to make a choice of the amazing latex mattress if what you really want is comfort and satisfaction!