How Can Drunk Driving Affect Your Health?


Drinking is a wonderful social activity that you can share both with friends and with people you haven’t met yet. With liquor having properties that can help elevate your mood, you can be certain that you will be having a good time before the end of the night.


However, too much alcohol intake has its own fair share of adverse effects as well. In 2016 alone, there were 10,497 deaths as a result of drunk driving—that’s an average of 28 deaths per day. Drunk driving is certainly not advisable as you are not only putting your life at risk but others’ as well. Here are a few ways on how drunk driving can affect your health:


1.) Inability to concentrate

People who are drunk will have troubles fixating their focus on a certain object, person, or task at hand because they are trying their best to stay sober while knowing they’re already tipsy or drunk. It is also during this time wherein the mind tends to wander off without exactly concentrating on a certain thought. This can lead the drunk driver to drive aimlessly and forget that they’re on the road. Their concentration is needed for them to make sure they will not crash against anything due to an absence of mind.


2.) Poor comprehension

Talking to a drunk person is a challenge an average person will encounter one way or another. Related to the inability to concentrate, a drunk person will have a hard time reading in between the lines and reading a person’s facial expression. Any ability to be wary of danger may set at its lowest point as well, so a drunk person behind the steering wheel will be having a hard time comprehending the traffic signs and whether he/she is driving on the right side of the road.


3.) Delayed reaction time

Alcohol is a depressant, therefore it makes a person calm by relaxing the nervous system. No matter how ideal that may sound after a long week at work, that type of effect on your body is not optimum if you want to arrive safely at your destination without harming anyone. A drunk person will have a hard time comprehending an oncoming car heading towards them and this can result in a slight delay in their reaction of swerving to the other side to avoid a collision.


4.) No coordination

A drunk person will have a hard time coordinating their eyes, hands, and feet when needing a response to a certain situation. This is why drunk drivers are bad at distinguishing if a car is far enough for them to cross over to the other side without being hit. They will also have a hard time stepping on the acceleration or brake pedals at the right time.


5.) Falling asleep behind the steering wheel

The common denominator between drunk drivers and drivers who are exhausted from a long shift at work is that both of these types have the tendency to fall asleep behind the steering wheel. The action is, of course, unintentional but this simple mistake can cost the life of someone and even put your own life at stake. It is much better to park by the side of the road to sleep it off first until you are sober rather than to fake the courage that you have the ability to drive perfectly fine even though you have the tendency of passing out in the middle of driving.


The main way that drunk driving can affect your health is by compromising your safety, and that of others. A drunk driving accident can result in serious injuries, disabilities, or even death. If you think you are too drunk to handle yourself, there is no shame in asking the help of your friends to drive for you instead. This common mistake committed by people who love drinking can cause grief and loss for those whose lives are lost and may cost you legal stress for the consequences of your actions. Click here to learn more about the legal consequences of drunk driving to your health.