How Can Nursing Homes Improve Elder’s Health


There are several advantages of nursing home care for seniors. Generally, nursing homes bring plenty of advantages for the elderly. This includes medical care, companionship and making certain that someone is looking out for an elderly person’s well being despite their immediate family not being around.

Reasons Why Nursing Homes Improve An Elder’s Health

Seniors and their family fear moving to a nursing home. Basically, they fear that they may not receive the appropriate care. However, there are a lot of advantages, which both the senior and their family can experience.

Nursing homes offer medical care and recreational activities that help promote and improve an elder’s physical and mental health. The following are key areas in which nursing homes improve a senior’s health.

1.) Health Care Services

The best part about staying in nursing homes is receiving the best health care services. Generally, nursing homes have a skilled nursing facility and health care service that take care of senior residents. These healthcare services include emergency services, medication, and more. Further, the safety of a senior depends on the nurses and healthcare professionals that are available in the facility.

2.) Healthcare Specialization

Nursing homes have specialized and trained working staff that can attend to a senior’s serious health condition. The level of care they can provide is beyond what a family member could do. Most health conditions of resident seniors need special and serious medical attention.

3.) Safe environment

Seniors who live in a nursing home are guaranteed that they receive protection from any danger that may come their way. This is most especially essential for patients with serious health condition such as dementia. They may forget to lock their door, which makes it unsafe for them to stay in their own home. Meanwhile, nursing homes provide a great level of security.

4.) Therapeutic recreation

It is common for elders to become clinically depressed. When people get depressed, they usually stop the activities and habits they enjoyed and loved, thus causing more depression. However, therapeutic recreation can reverse the worse progression of depression.

  • Recreational activities: Aside from receiving medical care, nursing homes provide the best therapeutic recreation. They offer essential healthcare for the residents, but the recreational activities give elder’s the opportunity to establish a new life.
  • Reverses the condition of depression: In order to minimize the risks of a senior’s depression, nursing homes allow seniors to engage in activities they used to love even if they do not feel like doing it. Once they engage in fun activities, it inspires them enough to proceed to another pleasant activity. Therefore, it reverses the the downward spiral of clinical depression.

5.) Improves mental well-being

Many residents at nursing homes suffer from dementia. On top of addressing depression and loneliness, activities in nursing homes effectively aim to minimize the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The risks of developing dementia becomes twice as worse. Thus, nursing homes provide necessary steps to minimize its likelihood and impact.

  • Mental stimulation: Activities are essential in stimulating an elder’s mental well-being. These activities include crosswords, games, and learning. Further, it helps prevent or reduce the emergence of dementia. Therefore, having fun with board games and learning something new provides a higher purpose besides the immediate enjoyment.

6.) Promotes Physical Health

Aging comes with health problems, and seniors who engage in fun activities lower the risk of depression, stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and some cancers. This does not mean that residents are expected to perform strenuous activities. However, nursing homes aim to provide activities that are worthwhile and suitable such as walks, regular outings, and lawn bowls.

Seniors who participate activities in nursing homes improve their activity levels, help them move forward and maintain their stay in nursing homes.

7.) Provides purpose in life

Most seniors and their families worry that residing in a nursing home eliminates the sense of purpose and fun in their life. However, this could not be further from the truth. The beauty of staying in a nursing home is that the energy and time of a resident and their family is being liberated. Thus, they can enjoy purposeful activities without dealing with other difficulties and stresses in their daily care and living.

8.) Nursing homes help seniors with daily tasks

Residents receive immense help in nursing homes, especially on daily, tedious tasks they can no longer do. These tasks include eating, drinking, dressing, bathing, running errands, and more. As seniors age, their daily tasks become more challenging to handle. Thus, nursing homes can provide assistance for tasks to be done.

9.) Food Service

Nursing homes provide the best meals and snacks all through the day. Moreover, nursing homes can cater to various palettes and dietary requirements that a resident requests. Some facilities have a staff or dietician that may consult with a resident to ensure they make their healthy diet and offer the nutrients their body needs.


Nursing homes can improve an elder’s physical and mental health. If you are a senior, or a family member who plans on providing nursing home care for a senior, then look for the best nursing home near you. Families can also benefit from a nursing home since they do not have to worry about giving inadequate care for their elderly. The staff and health care professionals in a nursing home can provide specialized health care for the elderly. If for some reason you find there’s any issue that needs professional advice after you’ve chosen a nursing home, you can find an experienced lawyer like the one here or more info about nursing home injuries here

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