How Technology Affects your Overall Sleep along with Health?



Do the Social Media affects your sleep and mental peace? Then, you are not alone! Well, according to the National Sleep Foundation and Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, there are 95% of people those have admitted to using electronic devices while they are yet to sleep. So it is very probable that you are amongst them. 

I agree that these cell phones, tablets, and smartphones along with other electronic gadgets have become a part and parcel of our lives. So it has become increasingly common to pull them down, at bedtime as well. If you keep your phone on the nightstand, then you might think it is not a very big deal.

However, when it comes to slumber sleep and health, then it is the much bigger deal than you might even imagine. When you are surfing the Internet or playing any games on your smartphones, you are keeping far away from a resting and peaceful night. Additionally, if you are in search for other find more health offers, then there are various deals available on the Web. Have a browse about the same and go for the appropriate one.

So let us learn about the digital devices mentioned below so that you are able to nip your tech habits and practices in the bud itself. Have a look!

  • Suppresses the Production of Melatonin

When you use the cell phones, tablets and TV as well, then there is a blue light that is being emitted by the devices. This light mainly restricts the production of Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the Pineal gland which controls the internal body clock cycle along with monitoring the circadian rhythm.

The reduced Melatonin level in your blood will make it harder to sleep and results in less sleeping. Most of the Americans admit to the fact that they use these electronic gadgets and before an hour of bedtime. But remember, you need to make sure that you give yourself 30 minutes or more for free time before you hit for the day. This is required while you are planning for a deep slumber without a single disturbance.

What’s even better? You need to keep your bedroom tech-free zone if you want your mind to be FREE and focused !!

  • Keeping your Brain Alert

You might think that what is the harm if you knock out some emails from your inbox. But do you realize the fact that this thinking of yours keeps your mind engaged due to this?

And if you are surfing the Web and you get to see something exciting on Facebook, then your mind will get tempted. This process will make it even more difficult to settle into a deep slumber and relax hard.

What’s more? After you spend a whole day surrounded by technology and other similar ones, your mind deserves some time to unwind itself. If you are in search of such soothing products that helps to unwind your mind, then grab some discount codes from CouponsMonk so that you are able to get those products at the cost of a song.

  • Maintains Waking you Up

If you are of the opinion that not using the cell phone and other digital devices before bed would not disturb, then you are hugely mistaken. Keeping a mobile besides you and not actively using the same can still make you awake affecting your health as well. Thanks to the melodious chimes of the night texts, emails, calls, and reminders as well.

What’s more? The difference in the ideal sleeping time and actual sleeping time differs by approximately an hour. This way, your relaxing time is greatly affected as well.

Find out why you disconnecting from technology well in advance would you help get a good night of rest via the infographics mentioned below.

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